How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

Love denim? Check out this guide to find which jeans flatter your body the best.

By: Angie Cox

Very few people are a perfect match to one of the five classic body types, but the pear, apple, hourglass, V-shape and rectangle can be a great starting point when figuring out what cuts are the best for you. Here, we tackle one item that every woman wants to look good in: jeans!

Pear Shape
If you’ve got a pear-shaped figure, you are proportionally smaller on top and hold more heft below your waist and around your thighs. This is the most common figure proportion for women, so you should be able to find plenty of options to choose from. Jeans made for a pear-shaped figure are designed to balance out the top and bottom parts of your body. Look for denim with a roomy cut around the hip and thigh area. If you find a pair you love but the waistband is too wide, you can have it professionally altered for a perfect fit. It makes all the difference!

Apple Shape
Apple-shaped beauties tend to have slimmer legs and carry most weight in the mid-section. Jeans that are roomy and forgiving around the tummy and accentuate the legs are what you should look for. Denim with high-rise waistbands work well, especially ones with a double button that make the waistband extra spacious. Make sure to show off those gams by pairing your jeans with high heels or tall ankle boots.


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Hourglass Shape
If your shoulders, hips, bust and bum are more or less proportional to each other, and your waist is small and defined, you’re an hourglass gal. So you want to wear jeans that will showcase your well-proportioned curves. Skinny jeans will look fabulous, as will a pair of snug, mid-rise bootcuts, which will also show off your shape. Long inseams are especially great for tall gals. If you have trouble finding a pair that fits well at the top, or the waistband gapes at the back, have it professionally altered to achieve a perfect fit.

V-Shape (Also Called Inverted Triangle)
Flared jeans are a great choice for V-shaped women, whose shoulders and torso are broader than the waist and the bottom half of the body. A flared bottom will add flattering volume to the lower half of your body while balancing out your proportions. If this style is too boho for you, try bootcut jeans with stretch, and play around with different washes and colors. You’ll no doubt find something to make your silhouette look just right.

Rectangle-shaped ladies have figures that are more or less straight up and down. Body proportions are even, relatively lean and lack curves. So jeans that add some curves and give you a little extra shape are the ones that will look best. Relaxed, flare-legged cuts that hug your bum and give it a little lift are perfect. There are also bootcut options that can amp up your behind. Also, styles with pointed back pockets that are spread far apart will make your bum look fuller, as will ones with flapped back pockets.

Angie Cox is a Seattle-based fashion stylist with almost two decades of experience in fashion as a designer, a specialist ladieswear buyer and a trend consultant. In 2006, Angie co-founded YouLookFab, which allows her to reach a much wider audience with practical advice on personal style.

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