8 Tips On How To Grow Stronger Nails

8 Tips On How To Grow Stronger Nails

Learn how to grow stronger nails and show off your hands all year-round.

By: Melissa A. Kay

Time spent in the pool and basking in the sun can cause nails to become dry, brittle and broken. Don’t let summer get the best of your nails. You can prevent and repair this damage with easy-to-do tricks, right at your fingertips. Here’s how to grow stronger nails and keep your nails in tiptop shape all summer long.

Love Your Cuticles
Olive oil isn’t only great for cooking, it can also work wonders on dry cuticles. Use just a dab on each nail and massage onto each nail bed and the surrounding dry cuticles. Leave the oil on all day to get the most benefit. At nighttime, you can repeat the process so the oil can soak in while you sleep. Cuticle oils work well, too, so look for natural options at your drugstore.

Revive Nail Color with Lemon Juice
Chlorine and repeated use of colored nail polish can cause nails to become yellow or discolored. Lemon juice can take that dullness away and leave you with bright nail tips, back to their natural shade. Squeeze a lemon into a bowl and add some water so the liquid is deep enough to cover your entire nail when you dip your fingers into the bowl. Be sure you are polish-free while doing this lemon cleanse. Leave your fingertips in the lemon-water solution for about 15 minutes each day until your nails are back to normal. Fresh scent and clear nails!

Tip: No need to use gloves when washing dishes anymore. Check out Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay. It’s great for hand care while still giving you amazingly clean dishes.

Just Say “No” to Polish Remover
Nail polish remover overuse can be terribly drying to nails and cuticles. Sure, it’s fun to change up polish shades, but think about the removal process, too. Try to keep the same color on longer, or go for clear polish for a classic and clean look for summer

If you must use polish remover, remember to seek out milder formulas and only use as much as absolutely needed. Avoid soaking your fingertips in a dish of remover, as that will dry them out, too.


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Take a Nail Polish Vacation
One easy way to give your nails a well-needed health kick is to say goodbye to polish for a week or more. Summer is a great time for a natural look and your nails will thank you. Your nails will have time to breathe and strengthen from the inside out. Buffing is safe and will give your nails a natural shine. You will absolutely notice a difference in your nails when you take a mini nail vacation. Ahhhh…

Stay in One Direction
Filing is important to get rid of uneven nails and to keep the shape in check. That said, there is an art to filing that can make a difference in the strength and health of your nails, particularly when they can become dry in the summertime. Filing back and forth seems like the way to go, but it is actually not the best way to file. This can create fine breaks and cracks. File in one direction only or from the outsides in. Use as little pressure as possible and the finest grade filer you can find.

Go All Natural
Acrylics and other glue-on nails may look glamorous, but they can really do a number on the health and strength of the natural nails beneath. Manicurists file down the natural nail bed, leaving it weak and brittle, and the glues are drying and damaging. Additionally, time spent in the pool will reduce how long the artificial nails last, leading to more touch- ups and chemicals. Steer clear of the fakes and let your natural nails see the light of day. This is essential for growing stronger nails.

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What are your summer nail tips? Have your own advice on how to grow stronger nails? We’d love to share more ideas with our readers.

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