Makeup Myths

Makeup Myths

The rules of makeup have changed — but have you? Here’s what you should be doing now.

You probably heard a lot of different things growing up about how to apply makeup or what to do first, what motions to use when applying foundation and countless other things. And while they may have served you well up to this point, you might be wasting your time with unnecessary things!

Myth 1: Always apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Truth: Yes, a slick of mascara does wonders for opening up the eyes and making them appear fresher — but applying mascara to the lower lashes highlights dark circles and emphasizes crow’s feet. Plus, as we get older, lashes become more brittle, making your mascara more likely to clump.

Myth 2: Only apply foundation to the areas of the face where it’s needed most.

Truth: Thanks to brilliant technology, most foundations look natural enough for a full-face coat. Also, many contain sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients beneficial to the skin.

Myth 3: Switch to neutral lip shades after a certain age, as bold, bright shades make your pout look smaller.

Truth: A pop of bright color on the lips can transform the complexion and knock years off your face. Swap matte formulas for lighter, glossy ones that coat the lips with a sheer veil of color and shouldn’t bleed into vertical lip lines.

Myth 4: For a healthy glow, apply bronzer to the areas of the face the sun would normally catch.

Truth: As we age, our complexions become paler, making it more challenging to dust on a faux glow. Shimmery dark powders exaggerate the look of lines and wrinkles, while a matte bronzer will work beautifully. Try sweeping a little powder over your cheeks and up to your temples, then follow with blush for a more natural look.

Myth 5: A little shimmer around the inner corners of your eyes will brighten your look.

Truth: Shimmer is a no-no if wrinkles are a problem, as shimmer particles can settle into crevices and accentuate the lines. Instead, apply a radiance-boosting formula onto the highest parts of your bone structure, where the skin tends to be tighter — across the cheekbones and along the bridge of the nose.


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Myth 6: Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation.

Truth: Doing this will draw attention to the under-eye area. For a more natural look, use a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it after foundation. If you feel you still need extra coverage to conceal dark circles, opt for a super-light eye brightener in a pink tone.

Myth 7: Primers aren’t necessary if you’ve moisturized your skin and applied your foundation correctly.

Truth: As we age, primers become ever more necessary. They help foundation stay in place longer because they prevent skin from absorbing pigment. They also keep oil at bay while filling in fine lines and enlarged pores.

Apply primer after moisturizing and before applying foundation.

Myth 8: Liven up your complexion by applying a bright pink blush to the apples of the cheeks.

Truth: As we age, our skin starts to sag. For a lifting effect, apply blush to the highest point on the cheekbone using an upward sweep and making sure not to apply it too close to the nose.

Choose pinky brown shades that warm up the complexion and make the whites of the eyes look brighter. Also, invest in a large brush — the ones that come ready-packaged with blush rarely do a good job of dispersing color properly.

Myth 9: Avoid blue mascara unless you want to look like you’re stuck in the ’80s.

Truth: Blue mascara is a brilliant way to brighten the whites of your eyes, which tend to yellow with age. If the thought of batting blue lashes still scares you, add just a bit of color to the tips after you’ve applied your regular black mascara. The effect is subtle but potent.

For better results, keep your makeup brushes clean. Checkout How to Clean Makeup Brushes using paper towels.

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