Makeup Tricks that Won't Slow You Down

Makeup Tricks that Won't Slow You Down

Your morning makeup routine just got faster. Make the most of just a few steps.

Let’s paint a little mental picture.

You wake up on a cold winter day. Borderline frigid. It’s February and it’s pitch black outside.

Your bed, however, is warm. You’ve pulled the comforter up to your chin. You’re completely cozy. And the snooze button is just a click away.

Chicas, this is not a tough decision.

Let’s hit the snooze and embrace some morning-routine compromise: Don’t skip the makeup, but do speed up the process. Because less time on makeup means more time in your warm, squishy bed. (Or your warm, steamy shower.) Tú decides.

Here’s how to breeze through your winter makeup routine in just five minutes:

Step 1: Wash & Moisturize (2 minutes)
Wash your face with a moisturizing cleanser, then slather on your favorite day moisturizer. Though there’s no makeup involved, this is the most important step in your winter makeup routine, since it keeps your skin nourished and primes your skin for makeup.

Step 2: Conceal (30 seconds)
Choose a tinted skin smoother, lightweight concealer, or liquid foundation, and rub it in with a makeup sponge. Whatever your choice, make sure it has a SPF.

Tip: We like Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream for a tinted moisturizer that protects all day.

Timesaving Tip: Skip the powder. It doesn’t do any favors to parched winter skin, and even on the best of days is it can be aging.

Step 3: Focus on Your Eyes (1 minute, 30 seconds)

  • Choose the blackest black mascara, and apply a light stroke to all of your lashes.
  • Then, up the drama with a few extra coats on your outside lashes.
  • Finish with a waxy dark eyeliner (black or purple), up-ticked at the outer corner for a day-okay cat eye.
  • If time allows, add a very thin sweep of shimmery eye shadow, smudged for an overall eye-brightening effect.

Timesaving Tip: Make sure your makeup kit is stocked with a volumizing, lash-curling mascara, so you can skip the eyelash prep.

Step 4: Blush (30 seconds)
Choose a sheer, liquid blush to further brighten your look (and nourish your skin) – light golds and peachy-pinks look good with golden skin tones. Suck in your cheeks and apply to your now-prominent cheekbones. Blend with your blush sponge.

Timesaving Tip: In a pinch and need some cheeky color? Not to worry, use a touch of lipstick on your upper cheekbones, and blend in well to add a little more life to your smile.

Step 5: Lips (30 seconds)
Forget dark, matte or picky lipsticks; go for a sheer lipstick, swipe-on lip stain or tinted gloss. Bonus: lighter colors are easy and youthful.

What’s your go to tip for an easier morning (without sacrificing your makeup)?

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These are great tips when in a rush for work in the mornings

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