Meet These 4 Latina Designers

Meet These 4 Latina Designers

Walk it, flaunt it and show off the pride you have for your roots with these designers.

Dressing well is more than an art; it is a window into our origins, a social and ecological compromise. When choosing what to wear in the mornings, we are making a decision about what we want to tell the world. We transform into message bearers.

Feeling comfortable, beautiful and proud of what you wear won’t be difficult to do after you take a peek at these fabulous designers of Latin American origin who know what we want, like, and what makes us feel good.

1. Lucia Benitez – Uruguay
With a deep respect for her homeland, Benitez expresses this feeling through her creations. Her clothes are made from leather and wool from Uruguay, and mix the spontaneous with the handcrafted and artesian feel of the gaucho world. Ruanas and rope loop decorations are characteristics.

2. Rosita Hurtado – Bolivia
Committed to the environment and the indigenous groups of her country, this designer uses handmade indigenous materials and one-of-a-kind skilled labor. The dyes she chooses are of plant origin, and she uses natural fibers and seeds to decorate her clothing. Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria are among the celebrities who have worn her designs.

3. Naty Muñoz – Perú
She specializes in knits. She makes her interesting designs with alpaca wool and pima cotton. Andean women using traditional textile techniques make all of her clothes. It is important to her that indigenous women in her country know that the power is in their hands. Exquisite detail and vivid colors are showcased in her pieces.

4. Soraya Fernández – Ecuador
Photographer, tireless traveler and unique designer. She gets inspiration from historic sites, yet she never forgets her roots lie in Quito. She utilizes photographic printing techniques throughout her pieces. Her designs are made to order and can be purchased online. One of the most unique aspects to this designer is that she never repeats any of her pieces, so they truly are one of a kind.


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