Mom-Tested Beauty Tips to Fix That 'I'm So Tired, I Can't Deal' Look

Mom-Tested Beauty Tips to Fix That 'I'm So Tired, I Can't Deal' Look

Need quick ways to look more energized and pulled together? Look no further!

By Lorraine Allen

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom with “just” one kid and no job, or a working mom with four or more kids and a career. We have all battled that “I’m-so-tired-I-cannot-deal” look, too often. And I think I can safely speak for every mom here when I say we all hate that look. Right? But we moms are clever. We’re creative. We’re resourceful. And we’re always trying to improve things, including, of course, transforming that exhausted, bags-under-the-eyes, I-have-not-slept-through-the-night-since-the-last-millennium look we all hate, into something brighter and better. Here are four fantastic, mom-tested ways to do this.

1. “What works best for me is a trick I picked up at a makeup counter at a department store: I apply a little white, shimmery eye shadow, and really lightly around the inside corner of my eyes, and up along the crease of my (tired) eyelids. And then a teeny bit under my eyes too, over my concealer to totally cover up dark circles. This gives an instant brightness even on my darkest days. I use a bold lipstick too. That really helps! ” -- Veronique M., mom of two

2. “I smear on some eyeshadow on my awfully extra tired days, and it totally transforms that horrible, dark, tired look, because it’s shiny and light, and just so pretty. Normally, I save this sort of makeup for dressing up on an evening out, but when I just need to look alive, this does the trick. It’s awesome, and it comes in a couple of colors which are all soft, and add instant brightness to your eyes. I also use a little bronzer on my cheeks in winter.” -- Anna F., mom of three (with one more on the way)

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3. “I get really dark circles, so I try to attack them two ways at once, and that seems to do the trick. At least, people (like my mom) have stopped commenting on how tired I look constantly. First, I apply my favorite concealer under my eyes, over my foundation. This definitely goes a long way to reducing the tired look. And then, I embrace whatever dark-tired look is left around my eyes actually, by applying a thin line of liquid liner, and mascara in a warm brown color, with a bit of a smoky shadow combo of gold/copper or silver and teal or violet. The color and the metal shimmer mix well together and make my eyes look bigger and brighter.” -- Maya R., mom of one

4. “Since becoming a mom, I definitely look exhausted most mornings. What helps me look more awake and energetic is putting an ice cold washcloth on my whole face for about two minutes when I wake up. Then, I use a gentle face scrub and a really intense moisturizer. It feels great! I use a foundation that is a little lighter than my skin and evens out any splotchiness and covers brown spots. I always wear mascara and lip gloss too, which makes eyes and lips pop and look bright and fresh. It all only takes five to seven minutes, but it really helps. I feel like a different person!” -- Jackie M., mom of two


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How do you tame that super-tired-mom look?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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