New You: Finding Your Fabulosa this Winter

New You: Finding Your Fabulosa this Winter

Living fabulosa this winter is all about feeling comfortable in my own skin.

I am exhausted. Completamente agotada.

The holiday rush was more like a crush – a giant steamroller of activity. There were school concerts and holiday parties; tree-lightings and hours of decoration; epic get-togethers with la familia and present-wrapping marathons.

So yeah, I'm tired. The sky is gray, the air is chilly, and I'm staring down the long end of winter. But the world keeps reminding me "New Year, New You!" but I'm all, "I want my yoga pants."

Well, I can’t stay in them forever…

So I've decided to find my groove this winter. And for me, living fabulosa is all about feeling comfortable in my own skin – and having fun while I do it! And that means keeping my look fresh and trying new things.

Fresh-Faced Meets Bold Lips
Normally, I couldn't care less about runway fashion, especially the so-called makeup trends – looks so bold that I could never wear them to the office.

But have you noticed the new fresh-faced trend this year? It's perfect for anyone, really, but especially for us Latinas (thanks to our gorgeous winter skin and coloring).

Granted, this "no makeup" look does require some prep, but it's low-key and simple. Just what I need: something that's easy but different – a change of scenery that'll put a little pep in my step, even on the grayest January day. Even better, it's minimalist – so I can get it done in just a few minutes.

Sound tempting? To achieve the look, all you'll need is a great moisturizer (there's nothing like dry, flaky skin to kill my confidence), a quality concealer, and a good highlighter. Then, swipe on some mascara and bronzer/blush, and round it out with a bold lip: burgundy, red, or whatever color you've been itching to try. (Check out this tutorial on bold lips.)

Hair Upgrade: Fringe Benefits
The other trend I've noticed recently is the textured fringe. It's like a longer, more versatile (and less-prone-to-regret) sister of last year's short shag, and it's definitely fabulosa.

The look requires only a bit of length, some voluminous layers, and a willingness for bangs – long bangs, that is, so I can sweep 'em back when necessary. Add in some fresh new color – I'm thinking auburn highlights – and I'm pretty sure January is already looking up.

What tweak to your look are you making to feel fabulosa this New Year?

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