Sofia Vergara's  Secrets on How to Look Fabulous

Sofia Vergara's Secrets on How to Look Fabulous

You too can leave an unforgettable impression by using her beauty tips for any occasion.

By: Alejandra C.

You don't need to resort to sophisticated beauty treatments or make large sacrifices to look spectacular. Many times it's about finding the secret to what goes best with your figure and with your personality. Look how Sofia Vergara follows this philosophy to a T. Here, she shares her best beauty secrets. I hope they inspire you.

In Order to Have Silky, Shiny Hair
Sofia has beautiful, healthy hair. Her secret for having a full head of hair begins in the shower. She uses Head & Shoulders Instant Relief because this way she doesn't have to worry about scalp dryness, which can ruin her hairdo. "It leaves my hair looking beautiful and shiny," says the Colombian beauty.

Her Secret for Keeping Her Figure
Sofia's figure represents the beauty and attributes of the Latin woman like no one else. But like all women, she has her weakness and she confesses it’s sweets. She says that the key is to achieve balance when it comes to nutrition. "When I eat something sweet, I forget about carbohydrates and pizza," she says. "I also go to the gym regularly, but I like to mix up my exercise routine so that I don't get bored. Lately, I've been doing pilates."


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The Makeup She Can't Live Without
Even when she's in a hurry, Sofia never leaves the house without makeup, something Latinas can relate to. She always makes sure to put on a little bit of mascara. She also can't live without her face powder and a good lipstick. This allows her to look natural while looking presentable for any event.

Her Secret for Every Occasion
The one thing that makes Sofia Vergara stand out is that she always steals the show and leaves an unforgettable impression. Her secret is to have a very feminine attitude and to captivate with her hair, makeup and clothing. "All of my life I've been surrounded by women who were always put together and sexy," she says. "I definitely consider myself to be flirty."

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