Spring Cleaning: Tackle Your Closet

Spring Cleaning: Tackle Your Closet

Discover three simple rules for a cleaner closet and happier outlook this spring.

Whether you dread or look forward to it, cleaning out your closet is a necessary venture during your yearly spring-cleaning routine. It’s a clarifying experience for some, which tends to reap many more benefits than just a clean closet. For a piece of mind or a newfound confidence, try some of these simple tips for cleaning out your closet and discovering the real you.

1. Follow the Year Rule
If you haven’t worn something for the last year, you’ll never wear it. So throw those clothes away or give them to charity, just don’t let them take up valuable room in your closet. If you can’t remember what you’ve worn the past year, turn all the hangers in your closest one way; then, only turn the hanger around if you actually wear that item. After a year, get rid of everything still pointed the other direction.

2. Toss the Tattered
Throw out all your pilled, stained and frayed clothes and don’t look back. You’ll be better off without them. Keep your closet stocked with clothes that reflect you — not ones that are aged and show a lack of care.


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3. Be Realistic
There are also those outfits you really liked on the mannequin and they seemed great when you tried them on in a dimly lit dressing room with slimming mirrors. But then in the glare of your bathroom mirror, the outfit just doesn’t cut it. Face it, you’re never going to wear it. And if you do, you’re never going to feel comfortable in it. So give those clothes away too. Your confidence and comfort is key.

There’s nothing better than eliminating clutter. There’s nothing better than facing the truth. So clear out your closet and make room for things that fit you and make you feel great. You can’t go wrong with that.

Do you have any tips for cleaning out the closet? Share them with us in the comments below!

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