The Evolution of Beauty: Upcoming Trends

The Evolution of Beauty: Upcoming Trends

Read what trends Afrobella predicts for health and beauty.

By Afrobella

I’ve been in the biz for eight years now, and it’s been so incredible to closely chart the evolution of the beauty industry. Just within the past few years, we’ve come a long way from the days when black hair products were relegated to a small section of drugstore shelves and most foundations didn’t come in more than six shades. The landscape has become so much more diverse and dare I say, more representative of all shades of real beauty.

Beauty trends have become broader and less predictable. Now instead of just the seasonal shades (deep jewel tones for fall, pink for spring and corals and bronze for summer), we’re finding that more unique colors are becoming trendy (like blue lipstick). While I’m always seeing changes within the beauty biz, I also see a return to classic products and looks that are eternally in style.

Here are some of my predictions for a healthy evolution of beauty, brought to you by My Black is Beautiful!

1. What’s old is new again.
I foresee a renewed interest in legacy brands. Brands that our families have used for generations like Olay moisturizing lotions. I remember that bottle of mysterious baby pink lotion on my mom’s dresser, and I still use and love the brand today! I believe beauty tips and tricks from the old days will take center stage.


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2. Tone it down.
We all should get ready for earth tones. Think of all of the tints and tones that can be found in the great outdoors, from red rocks like the Grand Canyon to moss green and rich mahogany. Imagine those colors transposed to makeup – marsala lips, moss green eyelids, rich brown eyeliners and metallic brown nails.

3. Skincare for the entire family.
I see skin-care moving from products that respond to skincare issues to products that prevent them. I think skincare habits will begin earlier (Hi tweens!) as well as expanding into quality skincare for men as well. Judging from my husband’s side of the bathroom sink, I think more men will start to use moisturizers and serums.

4. Expansion of “drugstore beauty”.
I see an ever-increasing divide in the beauty area of your corner pharmacy. There are now high end and more affordable “drugstore beauty” lines competing with more of the affordable brands who are focused on staying on trend.

5. Holistic health AND beauty.
We’re not just focusing on surface cosmetics anymore. We’re going right to the root with preventive ways to enhance our appearance and improve our lives! For example, let’s talk teeth. It’s not just about tooth whitening, but actual oral hygiene and improvement in overall dental health. Lately, I’ve been using Crest Complete Extra Whitening and really focusing on flossing – my goal is to whiten my smile and keep my gums healthy while preventing tartar and cavities from ever being an issue in my life again.

Those are my top beauty and health trend predictions for the future!

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