The Perfect Color Combinations For You

The Perfect Color Combinations For You

Warm colors, neutrals, cold colors. Here we tell you everything about the hues you need!

By: Flor L.

Blue, Orange, Yellow and Striped Green.

The first thing you need to know is that within the range of colors in existence, there are certain denominations. We have the following groups:

Cold Colors:
Blue with purple tones

Warm Colors:
Pink with purple tones


Warm Neutrals:
Light Brown

Now the real question is how to combine them. How do we make sure that the pieces we put on work with each other? Here’s a little help!


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Pick 2 Colors and 1 Neutral
For example, blue, orange and white. These colors always go well with each other. Sure, colors also depend on the season. In winter, more neutral colors are recommended. In summer, you’ll need a more colorful array.

Pick 1 Color and 1 Neutral
Last season there was a lot of blue and black being worn. Remember? Red and black has also been used a lot, and now it looks like it’s all about the blue and white — like sailors!

Pick 2 to 3 Neutrals (Recommended for more serious outings or interviews)
It’s true that when you want to feel a little more serious you end up wearing black and white or light brown and white. You can never go wrong mixing and matching neutral colors.

Throw on that fun print you really like, pair it with a neural color and walk out with your head held high!

If it’s summer and you want to wear that colorful butterfly print blouse, do it. Just remember to pair it with a solid color pant or skirt in order to tone down the print. Do not try and wear too many different prints at once. Stick to one and pair it with a solid color. If you plan on wearing the print during the day, white is always good for balancing out a lot of color.

Important: If you’re using a particular color in more than one piece, make sure that it’s the same shade throughout, or that there is a significant difference between the two shades. If you use shades that are too close, it might look like you thought they were the same but made a mistake.

Pairing brown and black can be a little trickier than it seems. I remember as a young girl I was told that it couldn’t be done, but now it is considered trendy if you do it right. For example, if you have a black dress and brown shoes you would like to wear together, make sure to match your accessories to your shoes: belts, earrings, bracelets, etc. You don’t want it to look like you mistook your brown shoes for your black ones.

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