The Secret Your Lipstick Shade Reveals

The Secret Your Lipstick Shade Reveals

Pucker up, because the lip color you choose tells a lot about your mood.

By Kelly Bryant

Lip color is among the easiest ways to brighten up your face and add a little life to your look, no matter how few hours of sleep you accumulated during the night if you’ve been dealing with infants, toddler nightmares, and the like. But what does your choice in hue say about you? Well, quite frankly, a lot. Sure you may choose a cooler red or a warmer nude depending on your skin tone, but the color you grab from your makeup bag can be very telling in reference to your mood.

Red: Hello, confidence! You’re either feeling bold (and maybe even a little sassy) or hoping to convey a sense of power. Women who dare to wear red are ambitious and energized. You’re also not afraid to be the center of attention. After all, red lips are a beauty showstopper. But watch out, world. Red can also emit a sense of competition, so if you’re vying for a promotion or trying to win at something (anything!), the poise the color offers may just give you a leg up.

Pink: With so many different shades of pink, this color category can actually be divided into several subcategories. Vibrant pinks are playful and fresh, giving you a youthful sense of excitement. You’re the life of the party. Scratch that – you bring the party. Paler pinks can mean you’re feeling whimsical and carefree. You’re kind, thoughtful, and sensitive to the needs of others. Choosing a deeper pink shade means you’re feeling passionate, energetic, and perhaps a little pensive.

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Nude: If you’re going for the barely there look with a nude shade on your lips, you could be feeling a bit more conservative and secretive. Because nudes tend to blend into the skin a bit more than, say, pinks, the hue you choose may mean you’re looking to mix in with the crowd and lie low. But nude shades don’t necessarily mean you’re shy, in fact, just the opposite. Since the colors reflect skin tones, it means you’re comfortable in yours and can give off a subtly sultry vibe.


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Clear gloss: If you’re the kind of lady who loves to swipe on some clear gloss and call it a day, you’re both low-maintenance and self-confident. You don’t need a lot of flash to feel good about yourself, but a little gloss puts a tiny spring in your step. You may be in the mood to get outdoors, relax, and spend time with friends and family. Your attitude towards life is to keep things simple and uncomplicated, and that reflects in your choice of makeup.

Do these traits match up with your favorite lipstick shade?

Kelly Bryant is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons. Follow her on Twitter @MsKellyBryant.

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