Tweeting the #EverydayEffect

Tweeting the #EverydayEffect

See what people are tweeting about the #EverydayEffect event in New York City!

When five big blue boxes appear throughout Manhattan overnight, people notice.

On June 19, the #EverydayEffect took to the city streets for just one day with events, street teams, pedicabs and live entertainment to make everyday life a little better for New Yorkers.

Whether it was a quick makeup touch-up at the P&G Beauty Box or a shave courtesy of Gillette in the men’s grooming “experience box,” passersby stopped in at any of the city’s five experience boxes to see how seemingly small innovations can improve their daily lives.

And they haven’t been afraid to share their thoughts, either. By 1 p.m., social media was abuzz with photos and posts about everything going on.

One Twitter user was humored by the Old Spice’s “Constant Shower” display — a man in a suit in taking an all-day shower — and tweeted it was “just another day” in New York City.

At the hub of the event, the Innovation Center at Herald Square, New Yorkers followed the events on social media in real time on one of the many televisions inside. As the day went on, word spread and people went searching for the boxes, taking photos and posting them online once they were found.

With notable names like actress Jordana Brewster and New York Jets center Nick Mangold on the scene, tweets were flying at a steady pace by 2 p.m.


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At the P&G Beauty Box, which offered free mini-makeovers and was hosted by My Black is Beautiful in Harlem, one Twitter user summed up the environment in a single tweet.

It was obvious, she wrote, that the #EverydayEffect had hit Harlem. She had never seen so many excited women on the street of her neighborhood.

By 5:30 p.m., as the #EverydayEffect festivities in Manhattan drew to a close, Facebook and Twitter users flocked to social media to bring closure to a long day.

One Facebook poster — and a few members of the press on Twitter — were impressed with the grassroots, but still innovative style of marketing of the #EverydayEffect event.

Another Twitter poster thanked the Gillette men’s experience box for helping him “clean up.”

The day wasn’t completely over yet, though. Once the curtain fell on the #EverdayEffect event in Manhattan, users all over the country joined a Twitter party. Virtual partygoers were randomly selected to win a $100 Visa gift card or the grand prize: an iPad and a $150 Amazon gift card.

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