Update Your Closet with Seasonal Chic

Update Your Closet with Seasonal Chic

Learn what colors, fabrics and textures make for a well-rounded and warm wardrobe.

It’s time for cold-weather clothing and clearing out closets. As you exchange T-shirts, shorts and sandals for coats, hats and wooly sweaters, transform your fashions with a fresh color palette.

Since winter wear takes up more space with bulky jackets and lots of layers, the change of seasons presents a perfect opportunity to let go of some items to make room for additions to your wardrobe. Sorting through garments after a year isn’t much fun, so schedule a date, allow enough time, and get a full-length mirror and lots of light. Ask a friend to assist with the process during a second session with fresh eyes and ideas.

Start with piles when evaluating which clothes stay or go to help narrow your decisions: must keep, toss/donate, clean/repair, and don’t know (yet). Focus on the must-keep items — if they fit well, try to create new, updated ensembles. Do you need a new item to complete the outfit? Will it work with what’s in style this season?

It isn’t so much about the latest trends: it’s more about an overall style that suits you and the latest fall-winter color schemes.


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Keep in mind the season’s colors, the style and how it works with other garments. Go beyond the classic autumnal colors of rust, gold and green. See which shades are the most popular, such as gem-toned blue and emerald or darker indigo and teal. You might have a silver-gray blouse that pops with a scarf in the season’s must-have shade. Be sure to pull out your accessories, too.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • “Do I love this item?”
  • “Do I look good in it?”
  • “Does the color work with my scheme or the season’s trends?”
  • “Does it need another item to complete the ensemble?”
  • “Should I toss it, pack it or clean it and rock it again?”

Arrange your winter wardrobe ensembles and separates by color. Take an inventory and note what items might be missing. Pack up summer clothes and label the boxes to store until next spring when you'll do this again.

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This is a great idea. I've been trying to get this done for at a minimum of 2 yrs. I even bought those spacebags. I have had the vacuum in my room now for 2 days. I will get to it this weekend after homework. Finals are coming!

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