Cut Time out of Your Beauty Routine

Cut Time out of Your Beauty Routine

Use these quick and easy tips to help you save time on your beauty routine.

If your morning routine has you considering five minutes of relaxation a luxury, it’s about time you streamlined the process.

It would be nice to leisurely apply moisturizers and creams, try different shades of eye shadow, and maybe experiment with the cat-eye look. But if that happened, who knows what would happen to the rest of the house? Let’s not even entertain all the what-ifs of that scenario.

Sadly, taking time on yourself might not fit into your morning routine. When 24 hours doesn’t seem like enough and you’re rushing through your entire morning, take solace in this: You can actually save time doing your beauty routine — and keep doing what you always do without having to speed through it.

Mornings are not times to hope for a miracle

If you’re facing a cosmetic or beauty-related dilemma requiring extensive work that can’t be effectively done in a few minutes, put it out of your mind. We all have bad hair days, sudden blemishes and unexpected emergencies, but remember: The world doesn’t stop turning when you’re in front of the mirror.

Unless it’s something monumental, there are usually fixes for almost any “disaster” you could encounter. Having horrendous bedhead? Try a messy ponytail. And don’t think that touch-ups are taboo — if you’re running on an extremely tight schedule, bring some of your practical cosmetics with you to use as you go about your day.

Squeaky clean — not one with the universe

A lot of people find peace and relaxation in the shower. The hot water loosens up your body, giving you time to relax and think. But all this thinking can lead to too much time in the shower.

Do you really need to be in there that long?

Additionally, being in the shower for too long — if the water is hot — could actually work against your skin’s health. Too long of a hot shower actually dries your skin out. Although attempting to unlock your inner peace in the shower is tempting, remember: A shower is a small part of your routine and, for the sake of time, you need to get clean and get on with your day.

When it comes to what products you should be searching for, look into multitasking shampoos and soaps and body washes infused with moisturizer. It also comes down to saving time. Get in and get out — it saves water (which saves money) and time, too.

Let your makeup work for you

Cosmetics nowadays are not just for perfecting your look, but can also help improve the health of your skin. Just take a look at all the products in the beauty aisle the next time you’re at the store. You can find products that perform its classic duties and various others to boot.

While so-called purists may think of this as “cutting corners,” the real question is why it hasn’t been done before. It can’t even be considered lazy — what multitasking makeup actually does is make sure you’re not behind schedule for a busy day.

Take the BB (beauty balm) cream for instance. A BB cream’s DNA is based on multitasking. These can do anything from provide moisture to your face to help conceal blemishes to reduce shine. They can contain anti-aging ingredients to fight the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, vitamins to nourish your skin and you would be hard pressed to find one without sunscreen whipped in.

You can save time reapplying lip gloss and lip balm throughout your day by opting for a two-in-one option for your lips. Try a tinted balm that will keep your lips both colored and moisturized even during the cold, dry months.

Tweak and internalize

Once you find the workhorse, multitasking cosmetics and time management plan for your amended (and hopefully more efficient) beauty routine, don’t be afraid to experiment with the order of your mornings. Find the fastest, easiest chain that produces the best results.

Once you do attain that new level of morning-routine enlightenment, you may even have a few minutes to sit down with a cup of coffee — looking just as good, if not better, than before.



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