Downy Nature Blends Liquid Fabric Conditioner

Downy Nature Blends Rosewater and Aloe is a 70% plant-based fabric conditioner (fabric softener) with a touch of coconut oil. It condistions fibers to make clothes softer and fresher with every wash. It's free of dyes and parabens, and is a USDA-certified 7-% bio-based product, making it gentle and safe for your family. Compatible with HE and non-HE washing machines, Nature Blends is the must-have, plant-based addition to laundry day. Just add a capful with your favorite detergent to help clothes keep their natural shape.

  • Downy Nature Blends Fabric Conditioner is a 70% plant-based liquid fabric softener with a touch of coconut oil. The plant-based formula helps clothes keep their natural shape
  • Rosewater and Aloe is a flowery, garden-fresh scent with hints of crisp fruit and fresh green foliage
  • Free of dyes and parabens, it’s a gentle solution for protecting clothes
  • Enjoy a USDA-certified 70% bio-based product that’s gentle on sensitive skin
  • Compatible with HE and non-HE washing machines—use just a capful along with your favorite detergent

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Expiration date 12/28/2019
$ 1.00
ONE Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner 48 ld TO 60 ld (Includes Downy Infusions, OR Downy Wrinkle Guard 25 oz, OR Downy Odor Protect 32 oz, OR Downy Nature Blends 44 oz) OR Bounce/Downy Sheets 70 ct TO 120 ct (includes Bounce/Downy Wrinkle Guard 40 ct TO 60 ct) OR In Wash Scent Boosters 5.7 oz (Includes Downy Unstopables, Fresh Protect, Odor Protect, OR Infusions) OR Bounce Rapid Touch-Up 3 in 1 Spray OR Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray (excludes trial/travel size). Bounce

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