9 Tips for Kids Who Hate Dressing up

Here are 9 helpful tips to make dressing up more fun and comfortable for your kids.

“I don’t want to wear scratchy panty hose!” “Can I wear my princess dress instead of this dress?” “These socks feel funny!” Is this what the holidays sound like to you?

With parties, family get-togethers, school recitals and holiday programs, the months of November and December can be nightmares for sweatpants-loving kids (and their parents).

But dressing up doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or chaotic. Sometimes all it takes to get her into an occasion-ready outfit is some prior planning, clever incentives – and realistic expectations. And when you finally get him into that crisp white button-up only to see he’s spilled cranberry sauce all over it within five minutes, Gain’s got your back.

1. Let them pick an article of clothing to complement the outfit you chose. He really wants to wear his favorite sneakers, but you need him in a suit and tie. Relinquish a little control, and let him wear his sneakers if he agrees to wear the suit. He’ll be right on trend, and he’ll feel comfortable in his own style.

2. Allow them to choose your outfit in exchange for choosing theirs. Finally, it’s her turn to boss you! Let her pick your outfit from two or three pre-approved options. It’s only fair, Mom!

3. Let them pick their underwear. If he must wear a suit and tie, at least he can wear his superhero undies!

4. Barter with a fun incentive. That fancy dress may be a little more bearable if she’s allowed to put on a bit of Mommy’s lip gloss or shimmery eyeshadow.

5. Determine their style. Flip through catalogs and clothing websites with your kids and have them point out what they like. When you go shopping or reach in their closet, try to put together an outfit that reflects their style.

6. Wash away discomfort. Wash any new clothes in Gain Flings and soften with Downy Liquid Fabric Enhancer to achieve that cozy, worn-in feel and great scent.

7. Do a comfy, cozy check. Take it an extra step and have your kids try the clothes on for a comfort test way ahead of time. It’s a great way to identify tags and itchy seams that they find irritating. That way you have time to cut tags, re-iron seams or fix anything else that is scratchy or uncomfortable.

8. Lay out the outfit you want them to wear the night before. You’ll save time and a lot of sanity if you plan out your kiddo’s clothing for the next day the night before. Involve them in the process, and build in extra time in the morning for last-minute changes.

9. Cover up until you get there. With Gain or Tide on your side, stains are no big deal. But sometimes, it’s important that kids make it to their event clean and pristine. Have your child throw on a jacket or zip-up hoodie to protect their clothing until you arrive.

When all else fails (and let’s be honest, sometimes it will), snap a quick pic of the kids before you leave or as soon as you walk in the door, and then cut them loose to kick off their shoes, unbutton their collar and mess up their hair. Hey, at least you tried. And besides, he looks pretty darn cute in that crooked bowtie.


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