10 Amazing Ways Grandparents Bond With Their Grandkids

10 Amazing Ways Grandparents Bond With Their Grandkids

Several fun traditions and loving bonds grandparents share with their grandchildren.

By: Lorraine Allen

Many grandparents share very special bonds and traditions with their grandkids. I appreciate this as much as anyone – my grandmother raised me! Here, moms share the unique, heartwarming ways the grandparents in their lives have bonded with them or their kids and the memorable traditions they share with their grandkids.

1. “My grandfather taught me how to build with wood. That was his hobby, and we spent so many fun afternoons in his workshop, making toys and even furniture. It’s a gift I take with me always.”

2. “My grandparents took me, my siblings, and my cousins on a two-week vacation each year. We would spent 11 months planning, researching, and getting excited. Those trips were some of the best weeks of my life.”

3. “My girls share an amazing bond with both their grandmothers. With my mom, they do cultural things like go to concerts, theater shows, and museums. With my husband’s mom, they make lots of crafts. They relish their time with both of them.”

4. “I don’t actually get along very well with my own mother,” admits one mom, “but my kid does! They are like two peas in a pod, those two. They share the same love for outdoor adventure, and for nature, and for climbing. It’s a great relationship and I’m very happy for their bond.”

5. “My mom’s a history buff, and started a tradition of taking her grandkids to Washington, D.C., around age 11 on an awesome 10-day learning adventure, with special tours of the White House, the Capitol, all the museums, monuments, and memorials, and she’s even purchased the actual flag that's flying over the Capitol during their visits -- an amazing keepsake! It's a trip the kids will never forget.”

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6. One mom remembers her special bond with her grandmother every single day. “She taught me how to cook. Everything I do in the kitchen is a memory of something I learned from her. And I love sharing her recipes, traditions, and secrets with my kids now.”

7. “My kids’ grandfather picks them up from school daily, takes them home, feeds them, and plays with them. They have such a fun, loving, close relationship. I can’t imagine their childhoods without him.”


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8. “My daughter loves playing with her grandma’s purses, jewelry, and makeup. They do all sorts of girly stuff together like get mani-pedis – things I have no interest in, but they have the best time together.”

9. One mom remembers how her grandparents ended every day by sharing what the best part of their day was, and what was hardest. Now she shares this nice family tradition with her kids.

10. “My grandparents would take me berry picking and mushroom hunting in the woods. It was a magical, unique experience to walk through the forest with them and foraging for food. I loved it.”

Do you or your kids have a special bond or traditions shared with grandparents?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 5-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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