10 Epic Family Holiday Fails

10 Epic Family Holiday Fails

When the holidays go wrong, sometimes all you can do is look back and laugh at the past.

By: Lorraine Allen

Not to sound all “bah, humbug” here, but we all know the holidays are not always, or only, merry and bright. They have their fair share of downfalls, just like any other time of the year, or any other family gatherings. Here 10 moms share their most epic family holiday fails:

1. “We were trying to take a family photo and my grandfather was having some serious issues with flatulence, poor man. Of course, none of us kids could stop laughing. I was crying, I was laughing so hard. My brother almost had an asthma attack from laughing. And my grandma and parents were getting madder and madder. Total, epic fail, but also most memorable photo, for sure!”

2. “We always go sledding at night over the holidays, and it’s pretty magical. We race down the mountain in teams of two in the starlight and the glittering snow. But one year my cousin hit a tree and broke some bones and that was no fun at all.”

3. “We play Charades often when my whole family gets together for the holidays. Once my dad was playing the part of a “dying swan” from Swan Lake and got down on the floor, but his back went out! We had to call the doctor and he spent the holiday in bed.”

4. “Each year my family gets together for a day of baking at someone’s home. We had our kitchen redone last fall and got a new oven. I made all this cookie dough, and everyone came over to admire the kitchen and bake. We spent so much time preparing the cookies. We baked them, but when we took them out, the bottoms were all totally burnt. I guess the new oven was way hotter on the bottom shelf than my old one. Everyone was totally disappointed!”

5. “Our family was going on an island vacation for the holidays. We planned it and saved for months, only to miss our flight -- by a whole day! Somehow, we had the date wrong on our calendar because we bought the tickets SO long ahead. Such a major downer and fiasco. We never got to go.”

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6. “Our flight to the mountains was delayed because of bad weather. We spent the holiday sitting on the runway half the night, with my baby screaming, and without food, only to be told we could not fly in the end -- until 48 hours later, which was going to be too late. Worst holiday ever.”

7. “My kids and I spent three days making a gingerbread house. We had to make the dough. Chill it. Make the template. Cut the pieces and bake them. Cool overnight. Make the frosting. Assemble over two days, and decorate for hours. It was so great when it was done; they were thrilled. We went to bed exhausted, and when we woke up, the dog had gotten on the table and eaten the whole thing!”


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8. “I got the cutest red flats one year, complete with no-skid bottoms. In a silly attempt to demonstrate the no-skids, I ran and slid in the entryway in front of everyone, only to slip, fall, and land right on my bottom. Luckily, the only thing that severely wounded was my ego.”

9. “We always wrap and give gifts to the local children’s hospital over the holidays, for sick kids. Two years ago, in my frantic rush to go deliver them, I grabbed two of my kids’ gifts by accident and gave them away. When they opened their gifts, they were so bummed they did not get the items they really wanted and asked for … Even though they totally deserved them! And we could not go buy them again right away because they were too expensive.”

10. “I was spending the holidays with my brand new in-laws. Right when we arrived, I used the restroom, and accidentally tucked my skirt into my stockings -- so I spent half the evening showing my rear end to everyone before my boyfriend’s mom finally told me. I was so embarrassed! And mad he did not notice right away!”

What was your worst family holiday fail?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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