10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Grandma

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Grandma

Make her feel like a queen and to know what an important part of your life she is.

By: Alicia C.


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Visits, loving words, hugs and kisses— abuelas welcome them all, but when it's time to celebrate her in a more specific way, it can be hard to think of a special and unexpected way to do it. Here I share some ideas from personal experience, which are different, super special, and go over really well.

1. Make a book of messages . Ask the entire family—and your grandmother's friends—to write a few paragraphs with what they think of her, or about a particularly sweet memory they shared by her side. Babies of the family who are still using Pampers can take part by having their little painted handprints included. After getting everyone's contributions together, bind it like a book. I'm certain she'll treasure it.

2. Make a photo album of her life. You can always find black and white or discolored photos in the houses of parents and grandparents. Ask your family to find the ones tucked away in memory boxes and scan them, or even request that they take a photo of them with their phone and send them to you. Print the photos and put them in chronological order, then arrange them in an album. Without a doubt, your abuela will spend hours telling everyone who crosses her path about each moment.

3. Arrange a big family reunion. When my in-laws celebrated 70 years, we brought together all their kids and grandchildren, and we had a party with more than 30 people in attendance. I scanned a photo of my in-laws from when they were babies and printed it on white T-shirts for everyone. Wearing those shirts, we took a great photo together. It was unforgettable.

4. Have a keepsake made which features the faces of their grandchildren. In this day and age, one can have all sorts of things made with images which were originally photos. From blankets and cups, to decorative plates, and posters, the possibilities are endless.

5. Make a playlist of her favorite music. Many older people are embracing technology with a passion. If the abuela in your life still hasn't caught on to digital music, you can buy her an iPod or other mp3 player and put her favorite music on it for her— even making her playlists for every mood. If she already has an mp3 player, you can surprise her with some albums from when she was young.

6. Throw a party in her honor. It would be so nice to organize a party with the theme being your abuela. Play her favorite music and serve her favorite food. Get inspired by one of her hobbies for the decorations.

7. Prepare a video of her life. I know I would be overwhelmed with emotion if someone made me something like this. The idea is to make a documentary about your abuela's life with commentary and messages from the people she loves.

8. Give her the trip she's always dreamed of. Within realistic possibilities after money and health are taken into consideration, you can't forget that "to travel is to live." If the abuela you want to celebrate lives far from her homeland, like many of our abuelitas latinas, and her health can handle the trip, it would be amazing to take her back to remember her childhood. Perhaps she's always wanted to visit some place in particular. Take advantage of the present to make this dream a reality.

9. Make a cookbook of her recipes. If your abuela is a hopeless cook, well then, maybe this isn't the best idea, but if that's not the case at all, I'm sure she has several dishes she's great at making. When you present her best recipes in a book, she'll feel really proud. Accompany the recipes with stories from her life. You'll be sure to touch her heart.

10. Introduce her to her favorite celebrity. I don't have a single doubt that your grandmother must have at least a little crush on one of her telenovela stars or among her favorite singers. It's not too difficult to contact the publicists of celebrities and tell them your story. Who knows! She could finally meet the beau she's been dreaming of.

How do you celebrate your abuela?

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