10 Fun Ways to Save Money this Week

10 Fun Ways to Save Money this Week

Follow these 10 tips to give your savings account a boost this week.

By: Anna Newell Jones

Need a little extra stuffing in the piggy bank? It is possible to save up some extra cash during your week. You may be surprised at how much you can save in only a week’s time — they key is to really pay attention to the things you’re spending money on.

1. Tighten Your Budget
If you have been lazy about your budget or have been procrastinating in starting one, today is the day to commit to it! Review all your monthly expenses, and deduct them from your income to see what’s left over. If this number runs into the red, it’s time to start slashing your costs and allocating more cash to your savings account.

2. Commit to Cash
Find a small box or container and put it near your bed. Commit to adding a certain amount of cash each week ($10 each week will net $520 in 12 months). Every night when you empty your pockets, add in any loose change and $1 bills. The other bills can stay in your wallet for the next day.

3. Make Twice as Much Dinner
Prevent the temptation to dine out on unhealthy fast food by picking two or three recipes ahead of time but making double batches. This leaves room for leftovers the next day or for premade dinners for future weeknights. Double recipes will not increase your grocery bill by much, and you’ll end up saving a lot more money by eating at home rather than at the drive-thru.

4. Wash in Cold
When it’s laundry day, opt for washing in cold water only. You’ll save money on heating costs and your clothing will still be clean. Try picking up a laundry detergent made specifically for cold-water washes.

5. Filter at the Tap
Skip the $2 bottles of water at the convenience store. Invest in a lidded beverage cup when you’re on the go and a filter for your faucet at home. You get great quality water and don’t have to worry about the added expense throughout the week. You also don’t have to worry about recycling the heaps of plastic you’re bound to collect when drinking from disposable water bottles.


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6. Find a Fitness Friend
You can ditch the gym membership this week and save hundreds or thousands of dollars this year. Find a friend that wants to get fit with you and hit the streets for a nightly walk or run. Visit the library to borrow workout DVDs or peruse the Internet for free workout videos you can do alongside your friend.

7. Visit a Thrift Store or Consignment Shop
Rather than hit the mall for new clothes, check out the local consignment shop or thrift store. You’ll likely find plenty of brand-name clothing in great condition at a much more affordable price than if you bought it new. Most consignment store owners are pretty picky about what they carry, so you’ll be able to find quality and affordability to fit your taste and budget.

8. Buddy Up on a Warehouse Trip
Don’t shop at one of those giant wholesale stores alone. Bring along a friend or family member willing to share the costs and merchandise with you. Buying in bulk can save you money, and splitting the purchases can help prevent waste.

9. Hit the Grocery Store Only Once a Week
You can save a bunch of cash by keeping a list of grocery items you need and planning out meals in advance. When you head to the grocery store, take your list and stick to it. Anything you’ve forgotten will have to wait until next week’s list. Save money on gas and impulse buys from too-frequent trips to the market.

10. Check Your Services
Take an afternoon to review the services you pay for each month including your phone bill, cable package, insurance and other utilities. Check over the bill so you are fully aware of what you are paying for, including fees. There may be services or features on your account you no longer want or need. Contact each company right away and make necessary changes to reduce your bill but don’t get suckered in to adding new features.

While it may not seem like a huge chunk of change if you look at the savings individually, but when they’re put together, you can save a fairly good amount every week.

Anna is the creator of the personal finance method Spending Fast® and the frugal living blog And Then We Saved. When not being a cheapskate, she photographs weddings and other amazing things with her husband, Aaron. Her work has appeared in Self Magazine, Psychology Today, Good Housekeeping, The Nate Berkus Show, CNN Money, The Chicago Tribune, and Yahoo Finance.

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