10 Ways Real Moms Sneak In a 'Time-Out' From Parenting

10 Ways Real Moms Sneak In a 'Time-Out' From Parenting

Moms confess the lengths they go to for a much-deserved, kid-free break.

By: Maressa Brown

As much as all moms love their kids, there’s a point at which you might find your schedule so jam-packed with play dates, mommy groups, mommy and me classes, etc. that it feels like you’re impossibly entrenched in a world of talking and thinking only about parenting issues with other parents. No wonder many moms go out of their way to get a much needed, well-deserved break from simply being a mom. Here, 10 ways women say they manage to sneak in a time-out from “Mommyland.”

1. “I falsify how long it takes me to grocery shop. And sometimes, I go to the mall first and get iced coffee and browse new magazines.”

2. “I'm going back to school! Not sure what I'll major in yet, but I'm starting with my general studies. Not going to lie: I'm stoked to be able to have adult conversations about school subjects -- not diapers or potty training!”

3. “I love watering my lawn after my son has gone to bed. It's nice and quiet, and I get to see the stars come out while I pray and meditate.”

4. “I joined a book club because even though we’re all moms, we have to at least try to talk about the book -- not just this kid’s allergies or that kid’s teacher!”

5. “My sister watches my little one at night sometimes, so my hubby and I can go to bed early and sit and talk and reconnect as a couple. It’s a great stress reliever for both of us!”

6. “I discovered nail art when my son was one. It gives me an outlet for creativity aside from toddler arts and crafts and birthday parties. It also helps build my self esteem, makes me feel pretty, and more put-together!”


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7. “Once my two toddlers go to bed, I coupon. For whatever reason, I find it very relaxing. Plus, the satisfaction when I go shopping and save money is great!”

8. “Once a week or so, I sneak into the garage when my son is asleep and paint furniture while listening to music. I stay up pretty late, but it's fun for me, and I get to create something. Hoping to start a side business with it, but I do it mainly for fun!”

9. “I go to the gym 5 days a week. They provide childcare. It's the best because my son gets interaction with other kids and learns to detach from me, as well. I feel better after my workout, feeling like I did something for myself and my son!”

10. “I play recreational softball on Friday evenings!”

What do you do to get a break from being a mom?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture – preferably on a beach somewhere.

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