11 Mom ‘Cheats’ We’re Not at All Embarrassed About

11 Mom ‘Cheats’ We’re Not at All Embarrassed About

Moms confess the tricks and shortcuts that make their lives easier.

By: Colleen Oakley

Let’s face it: Being a mom is hard. And we all have little secrets that help make our daily lives easier. We asked several women to confess (anonymously, of course) their favorite “cheats” that only us moms can get away with. Now you know you’re not alone if you…

1. Don’t bother making your own lunch anymore. You’ll just eat the leftover PB&J and cut-up strawberries your kid leaves on the tray.

2. Let the baby stay at daycare for an extra hour so you can sneak in a pedicure or a much-needed glass of wine with a friend.

3. Tell your kids Chuck E. Cheese's is only open for birthday parties.

4. Taste test the batch of cookies you made to make sure they’re cool enough for your kids -- a day later.

5. Cut all your kid’s food with kitchen scissors, because a knife and fork is too much effort.

6. Cancel plans by using your kids as an excuse (“They’re sick!") when really you just want to stay home and watch a Real Housewives marathon.


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7. Pretend you don’t hear your squabbling kids call out “Mom, he’s looking at me funny!” and hope they’ll just work it out.

8. Arrange store-bought cupcakes artfully on a platter to make it appear as though they’re homemade for the annual school bake sale.

9. Re-gift toys that your kids never opened because you don’t have time to pick up something for the birthday party.

10. Tell strangers: “I’m so sorry. She’s teething,” when your toddler has a major meltdown in public -- even when she’s not teething.

11. Go to the bathroom -- when you don’t really have to go. Sometimes it’s the only five minutes of peace you’ll get all day!

How do you “cheat” at parenting?

Colleen Oakley is a writer, novelist, and mom of two rambunctious toddlers in Atlanta, GA.

Image ©iStock.com/dan_chippendale

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