12 Moms Confess Their Feelings About the First Day of Kindergarten

12 Moms Confess Their Feelings About the First Day of Kindergarten

Moms reveal what it really feels like to send their little ones off to kindergarten.

By: Maressa Brown

Even if your children have already gone to preschool for a couple of years, sending them off to kindergarten for the first time is a major milestone. After all, it’s the start of a whole new era, the beginning of their entire academic career! And for many moms, the occasion signals the obvious end of babyhood. No wonder the first day of school can trigger a flood of emotions. Here, 12 moms reveal what it felt like to send their kindergartner off to school.

1. “I wasn't nervous until last night! Then, it hit me that my daughter is growing up! She is still my baby, but everyone keeps saying how kindergarten is the start of big kid school! It almost sounds as though once they step into that classroom, they aren't little anymore.”

2. “It was very difficult for me when my oldest went to kindergarten last year. He's always been my baby, and the thought of him being gone all day crushed me. He was born with a cleft lip and has a scar from surgery, and I worried about other kids being mean to him. I worried about him making friends. I worried about him being so small and having to carry his lunch tray. BUT he was excited for school, and that's really all that mattered. The morning of the first day, I fought the tears as I took his picture that morning and as I walked him to his classroom. He found his seat and started coloring. I hung around for 10 minutes, making sure he wasn't going to get upset. He finally told me, ‘You can go, Mama. I'm fine.’ When I picked him up that afternoon, he walked up grinning and said he loved school. It made me so proud that he was such a big boy, and it also hurt a little because he grew up a little more.”

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3. “Pride. I've worked hard to instill my moral values and principles into a child, and to watch that little embodiment of healthy self-esteem and confidence, a love of learning, endless curiosity, and empathy step away from me and onto a bus was truly a proud and liberating moment for me. Makes me almost want another. Almost.”

4. “I had no issues taking my youngest to kindergarten, and she had no issues going. She was so excited, and I look at it as a rite of passage and part of growing up.”

5. “I've always been excited for the next step in their lives. I love watching them grow. I did get a little emotional, though, on my older son's first day of kindergarten because he was excited that they got to go to the library that day. Reading and books are so important to me that it was emotional for me to see his excitement.”

6. “I think the first day is always hard, but kindergarten is harder. In fact, it was SO hard sending my second/last at the time to kindergarten, that I decided to get pregnant four months in advance of it! I wanted to have a REAL baby again.”


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7. “I embrace that life is about change and growth. The hardest part is trying not to let your anxieties show. You want them to look forward to wonderful things!”

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8. “I was excited about it. For him AND for me. Kids grow up. It's a fact of life, so I choose to celebrate the milestones instead of getting upset about them. (Though I understand why some moms are heartbroken when that first day rolls around.) Oh, and since my little guy had afternoon kindergarten, my mom and I went out for a nice lunch as soon as the bus picked him up.”

9. “The first day of kindergarten was less horrible than I was expecting it to be. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I have been anxious for weeks about my first experience being away from my daughter and her being in the care of someone other than my husband or mom. When we dropped her off, I was still nervous and anxious for her and sad to see my baby growing up but knew that I had to hold it together and be strong for her, so I surprised myself with no tears! But I am also so excited for her and this fun new beginning! It is definitely going to be a huge adjustment for me, though, not having her home with me daily anymore.”

10. “Sure, it's sad. I cried both times. However, sending the kids to school, especially the first time, has a certain excitement to it. The kids get to experience a whole new world. Teachers, friends, learning, responsibility, cooperation, and individuality. I loved getting to see how our kids interact in this big world for the first time. I loved getting a new, amazing glimpse of these tiny human beings we're raising. It was very hopeful for me.”

11. “I honestly didn’t get that emotional either time. I get so excited for them and each of their milestones; I rarely get sad but rather, wrapped up in the flurry of the moment. Once I got home this year, it kind of hit me that this was my last baby going off to kindergarten, but I'm OK with that, as I believe there's so much more great stuff to come.”

12. “It’s completely bittersweet the first time you send your child on the bus for their first day of kindergarten. I remember with my oldest, my heart felt like it was going to burst -- from pride, nervousness, sadness, joy. So many emotions run through you as you watch that bus drive away with your most precious gift. My second, I was less emotional with, but she was a social butterfly who didn't need her mom to hold her hand, even going to preschool. Seeing them come off the bus after their first day with a huge smile on their face is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.”

What was it like for you sending your child off to kindergarten?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture -- preferably on a beach somewhere.

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