15 Kids Share the Absolute Best Ways to Spend a Day With Friends

15 Kids Share the Absolute Best Ways to Spend a Day With Friends

From building castles to brushing sheep, these kids cover it all!

By Lorraine Allen

Most kids these days are pretty lucky in the friend department: They get to enjoy frequent playdates starting at very young ages. Parents set up these playdates with careful planning and thought, because of course, there are several schedules to coordinate, and in addition to the timing, there are activities to plan, locations TBD, drop-offs and pick-ups to discuss with the other parents, meals and snacks to consider, etc. It’s a bit of work for the parents, but it’s totally worth it of course, because every kid needs time to play with friends. Lots of time!

The thing is, as much as kids love playing together, they don’t often get to choose when or where it happens. Kids also don’t often get to choosewhat they’ll be doing together, unless it’s a simple game like blocks, dolls, puzzles, kicking a ball, or climbing trees. I was recently surrounded by what I’ll call a small herd of kids who got together for a fun picnic, and I thought it would be a perfect time to ask them about their very favorite way to spend the day with a friend. Here, their hilarious (and helpful!) responses.

1. “Going to the beach and digging in the sand and building a really big castle with moats and towers and everything.” -- Jake B., 9

2. “Getting ice cream! It’s so hot! Can we get one now?” -- Lizzy, 7

3. “Going to the playground with the spider web and pretending we are spiders!” -- Mila, 7

4. “My mom took me and my best friend to a concert and that was the most fun. I would choose to do that again!” -- Luis, 9

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5. “Hanging on the monkey bars, because we can go upside down and then look at each other upside down and it’s so so funny!” -- Bea, 7

6. “My favorite is going to the amusement park and going on all the rides -- just not the

big ones. And if I get to bring a friend sometimes my parents let us buy cotton candy! I love cotton candy!” -- Greg, 8

7. “Riding our bikes around the neighborhood.” -- Jack, 9

8. “Playing in my friend’s tree house. It has windows plus a rope ladder.” -- Bettina, 6


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9. “Shopping in Chinatown. They have the coolest stuff and the weirdest food. Dried bugs and shrimps and things that look like weeds and smell bad. But it’s like you’re in a another country so I love it. And me and my best friend are learning Chinese too!” -- Isaac, 11

10. “Going to the Natural History museum and seeing the planetarium and the dinosaurs. They have real ones! The real bones! They are bigger than this whole building!” -- Jodie, 6

11. “Playing basketball in our driveway.” -- Milo, 7

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12. “Going to the playground with the water sprinklers, or to the pool. I like the pool best when it’s really hot to play Marco Polo. And the playground when it’s cold to play tag. (Or cool. Or warm, but not too hot.)” -- (My kid) Lina, 6

13. “Meet at the park and climbing trees or scooting so we can race.” -- Charlotte, 5

14. “Go to the zoo and brush the sheep. And feed goats. And see bugs.” -- Sam, 4

15. “Go and see the fire trucks.” -- Aaron, 4

What is your kids’ favorite way to spend a day with friends?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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