15 Ways to Enjoy Little Moments with Your Kids

15 Ways to Enjoy Little Moments with Your Kids

The little moments each day can be the most special!

The super mamá Latina has so many daily activities, so many errands, her own tasks in addition to the children, and so it's no surprise that small opportunities may go unnoticed. It's those seemingly insignificant moments that are best for creating emotional bonds with your children, or even to share a lesson or have a very meaningful exchange.

See if these ideas help you to make the most of the little moments with your children:


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  1. Set the alarm clock to play a song that your kids will enjoy. Like good Latinos, they can jump out of bed and start the day dancing and in a good mood.
  2. Brush your teeth together in the morning and at bedtime. Not only are they sharing a few minutes with you, but they can also learn by watching you.
  3. When preparing their breakfast, let them help. Allow them to choose the fruits they eat and talk about what they look forward to in the day to come.
  4. Comb your little girl's hair into braids like your mom did for you. Tell her about how her grandmother did the same with you and take the opportunity to tell some stories about your relationship with her when you were a child. TIP: Enjoy the benefits of using a product like Herbal Essences Set Me Stylers so your hairstyle will last all day.
  5. Ask your daughter's opinion as you choose your accessories. It will be fun for both.
  6. Make your children a part of your routine. They could ride a bicycle while accompanying you on your run around the neighborhood.
  7. If it's mid-morning and time for a snack, think of one to share: sandwiches cut into shapes of two hearts or milkshake with two straws, etc.
  8. If you're baking cookies, let them help.
  9. A quiet sunny morning can make for an unforgettable lunch if you share it as a picnic in the garden.
  10. Enjoy music together on car trips. Take turns choosing a radio station to listen to; this way you'll learn their favorite songs, and they'll learn your favorites too.
  11. Make a special stop at the grocery store just so the kids can ride the mechanical horse they love so much.
  12. Invite them to help you in the garden. It doesn't have to be all work. Have a little fun getting wet with the hose.
  13. If you must bathe the dog, it can be a fun experience if done outside in swimsuits.
  14. At bedtime, create a routine using the bedside lamp and your hands to cast shadows on the wall.
  15. On the weekend, "camp out" in the living room. A little change of routine occasionally will be good for everyone.

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