3 Ways to Keep Your Family Close

3 Ways to Keep Your Family Close

Use these 3 simple ideas to stay connected with your family — no matter the distance.

By: Lexi Walters Wright

Whether your grown children live in town or across the country, sharing moments together can be tricky. Hectic schedules can make visits, calls and even emails difficult. But proximity doesn’t have to diminish your closeness. Use these simple ideas for staying connected — no matter the distance.

In person: Schedule monthly or bi-monthly themed brunches or dinners. Choose an international cuisine — Chinese or Mexican, for example — and host a meal complete with appropriate music and maybe even décor. Share the menu with family beforehand, in case they want to contribute a dish.

Across the miles: Compile tried-and-true family recipes in a printed recipe book. Include notes about its history in your family: “This is the cranberry relish Great Aunt Elsa made every Christmas.” You can write the recipes by hand, format them in a word processing document and print, or create a bound recipe book using an online service.


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In person: Host a family book club, including several generations of readers. Every other month, take turns choosing books and book club locations. Meet at the local zoo to discuss “Dr. Doolittle,” a gorgeous garden to talk about “Alice in Wonderland,” or a candy store to explore “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Across the miles: Read bedtime stories to nieces, nephews or grandchildren via video-chat software. Arrange in advance with the parents so you both can check out the same book from the library. On your video call, you can read the book while the parent turns the pages for their child — tucked into bed on the other end.

In person: Get together regularly for family game nights. Board games, mini golf, bingo championships — switch up the game to keep these get-togethers interesting. Or, have different members of the family teach the group new games. Playing together can be relaxing enough to get everyone communicating freely, but competitive enough to keep the fun level high.

Across the miles: Keep a constant online game going, either on your computer or on your phone. Many sites and applications let you play assorted games against your family one move at a time, whenever it’s convenient.

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