4 easy ways to throw a birthday party on a budget

4 easy ways to throw a birthday party on a budget

Host a great birthday party that’s tiny in cost but big in fun with these simple ideas.

By: Veronique D

What mother doesn't dream of celebrating birthdays, first communions, baptisms, and other important events in each one of our children's lives with a big party? Our families tend to be big; we like to invite aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, godparents, friends and neighbors. But with so many people, things can get expensive real quick!

Don't get discouraged. It's possible to celebrate in a big way, without spending in a big way. If you want to accomplish this, I advise the following. First, have a budget. This plan of exactly how much you're willing to spend is indispensable when it comes to not exceeding your financial limits. Second, be thrifty. Don't dream about a fancy party when all you really need to celebrate your child is good company, other kids, and a few simple games.

So, how can you do it all without going over budget? Try these suggestions below:

Have the party at home
Renting a location for a party can be tremendously expensive, so it's better to have the party at your own house. To get your house ready, first choose where exactly in your home you'll have the party and move all the furniture and anything else that might be in the way. Clean the area well so it looks presentable.

Make the birthday cake yourself
If baking isn't your thing, ask an aunt, your mother, or a grandmother to take over the task. They have the experience in the kitchen and will be really happy to be included in such a special event.

Don't hire entertainers — instead plan games for the little ones
If you hire entertainment for the children, you'll go over budget for sure! Besides, what's a big family for, if not to help out? Select the most active members of your family and put them to work. You can come up with plenty of affordable games for them to play:

  • Soap bubble contest: With bendable wire and liquid bubbles, you can have the children blow bubbles and compete to see who can blow the largest bubble of all. It's irresistibly fun!
  • Toothbrush art: Find cheap toothbrushes and let each child use one to splash paint on a sheet of paper. It's a guaranteed good time!
  • Scraps and snippets: How about you find old fabric scraps, pieces of quilts, blankets and sheets you no longer use? You can let children make their own creations with permanent markers, scissors, and glue. When my children finish such a project, I always have a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on hand to clean up whatever little marks they've left behind.

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Decorate yourself
The atmosphere of the party is also really important. It helps to use bright, happy colors. You can select a theme that your child likes, or a color, and decorate everything from there. On the table you could have cookies and paper flowers, and then add streamers around the edges of the tablecloth. A cardboard piñata full of candy and a big homemade sign that says "feliz cumpleanos," or a greeting appropriate to whatever you're celebrating, are perfect to complete the look.

The most important part of celebrating is the spirit in which you do it. There's nothing better than using your own loving hands, and surrounding your little one with those who care so much for them, to make your child's party the most wonderful one in the world.

What do you tend to spend the most money on when it comes to your children's parties?

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