4 Tips for the best Father’s Day Yet

4 Tips for the best Father’s Day Yet

Honor your Dad with a day of surprises and family fun. Here´s how!

Author: Shayne T.

When I think of Father’s Day, I think of presents for papi, watching sports on the couch and a special dinner. While that’s all awesome and a great part of any Father’s Day, I know that even though they don’t often like to admit it, dads appreciate things that are a bit more sentimental as well. So instead of going with the generic series of events, I’m thinking we should all try a little customization to make this Father’s Day the best one yet. Here are some ideas to get you started on planning the perfect Father’s Day celebration.

Start the Day Slow
Let dad sleep in and when he wakes present him with a basket of daddy goodies to help him get the day started. Perhaps his favorite Old Spice body wash, a new Braun electric razor, a bag of his preferred café, and a newspaper or magazine. Just make sure everything you include is relevant to things he enjoys. Then, of course, a hot breakfast either at home or out is in order—let him choose!

Some men love a nap on the couch, others a hike in the woods or a visit to the beach, others would appreciate some hang time with their closest friends. Think about what the man your honoring will appreciate the most and plan it for him. If he works 80 hours a week and just wants to stay home and play with the kids, make that happen. If he’s the active type, maybe rent some kayaks and spend a couple hours out on the lake, or go for a family bike ride. If he’s a movie buff, have a marathon at home or take the whole crew to the theater. If he’s the social type, throw a barbecue complete with lawn games like horseshoes. Make it all about what he enjoys doing, no matter what that might be.

Is there something specific your papi has been wanting for a while? Put some money aside and make it happen. It could be anything--a new TV, running shoes, a certain book, a puppy--the only way you’ll know is by truly paying attention to him, so make sure you and your kids keep your ears perked for clues so you can present him with an awesome surprise come Father’s Day. Handwritten notes from you and all the kids might even be enough.

Couple Time
Dads want to know they’re appreciated—not just as father figures—but as men. Once the kids are in bed, have an at-home date (or you call los abuelos and go out). Make him a special dessert and dedicate a couple of hours to catching up and reconnecting as a couple. You might be exhausted, but he’ll appreciate the time you sacrificed to let him know how much you—not just the kids—love and appreciate all that he does.

Family Festive Futbol
If you’re special papi likes his family futbol time, consider a Father’s Day soiree with a futbol theme. Find some tiny flags of his favorite team to decorate desserts or other food selections. It’s an easy way to decorate a room in the team colors and inspire his favorite team spirit.


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