5 Creative Ideas to Keep Track of Your Child's Growth

5 Creative Ideas to Keep Track of Your Child's Growth

Discover 5 creative ways to treasure your child's infancy and share it with family

As moms we would love to "save" every moment of those years in a trunk to share with them in the future, or to show our family and friends who are far away how our precious children have grown. However, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is much more difficult than it should be to make this happen. That's why today I'm sharing with you 5 super simple ideas to ensure the best moments with them are documented forever:

1. Growth chart. How often do we hear about how quickly children grow; and so I encourage you to create a growth chart to "stop time" by keeping track of how fast your own child is growing. No need to spend a lot of money. With permanent markers of various colors you can record the growth of your child on a wide ribbon that you've pasted on a wall of the house. This way, when your child is an adult it can be removed and placed in their house next to the ribbon where they'll surely be measuring their own child.

2. Photographic calendar. Take advantage of technology! Every week take a photo of your child. At the end of the month, as a family choose the photograph to print, stick it to the family calendar and write what was happening at the time and why this photo is important. In this way you will end up with a sort of family diary, and if you wish, you can also add a yearly summary of the successes and most amusing or interesting things that happened.


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3. Art with feet and hands. Let your child use their imagination and with the help of paint and a canvas, allow him or her to create the next work of art for your house. Your child can use hands and feet to make a unique piece which will always remind you of their childhood and creativity. Of course this idea could end up leaving you with a lot of cleaning up, but there's no disaster too difficult to clean when you use the best cleaning liquid in any of the lovely scents available.

4. Unforgettable video! After taking a photo of your child each week to watch how he's growing, you can then make a video out of the photos. This could be a gift for your child when they go off to college, but it's also a gift you too will treasure forever.

5. Quilt. I love this idea and handicrafts are very much a part of our cultura latina. If you like to sew and you're good at crafting, you can make a beautiful blanket using scraps cut from the clothes your child used to wear when they were little but has since stopped using because they outgrew them. The quilt will turn out colorful and full of memories; for sure nobody will have one quite like it.

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