5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Check out these five easy DIY costumes your kids will adore from year to year.

By: Anna Newell Jones

Many parents know the pressures of Halloween activities and the perils of not having a costume at the ready for their child. Luckily, there are plenty of easy-to-throw-together ideas that can be created from items in your home. You don’t have to be particularly crafty to pull off a great costume, and you won’t have to spend a fortune at the store, either.

All the supplies you’ll need for the following costumes can be found in your home and at the local thrift shop or dollar store. They can also be disassembled to use for future costumes.

1. Classic Romans or a Ghost
This might be the oldest one in the book — for good reason! All it takes is a simple white sheet to create this costume. Be sure to cut it to size so your kids won’t trip while they’re trick-or-treating. For the ghost, cut two holes for the eyes and one for the nose and mouth. For a classic toga, drape the sheet around their shoulders, letting it fall like a robe. Use a piece of twine or rope to tie around their waists and voila! An easy, cost-effective costume.

2. TP Mummy
Since toilet paper is relatively inexpensive, you won’t mind using a few rolls to wrap your kid up like a mini mummy. Use some dark chalk or eye shadow to “dirty” him or her up and make the costume more authentic-looking. Use a few more rolls of toilet paper and you can mummify the whole family.


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3. 3-, 4- or 5-plus Going on 30
Your child may not quite understand this reference, but he’ll look awfully cute dressed in a button down long-sleeved shirt (one of dad’s, if it fits!), white knee socks, and dad’s brief case. Throw on a dark pair of shades and coffee mug, and you’ve got yourself a mini-me!

4. Rock Stars
Pull out some of their “dress up” clothes and let them go wild. A pair of sunglasses, layers of jewelry and a few flashy pieces are all they need. For girls, red lips and slicked-back rocker hair do the trick. Boys should spike up their hair for an alternative look. The best part? Singing your favorite rock tunes together while walking around the neighborhood!

5. Human Collage
One of my friend’s children won an award for most original costume by dressing as a human collage. The only supplies used were an old tablecloth, a piece of poster board, hot glue, some pictures and a few decorations (such as paint, glitter and stickers).

You can cut an opening in the poster board that will frame your child’s face and glue the other photos around the larger hole. The end result will resemble a picture collage, and the central picture is your child in living color. The tablecloth can be stapled to the bottom of the poster board to hide your child’s legs. Hot glue strings or cardboard pieces fashioned into handles to make it easier for your kid to keep it upright.

Be sure to get your kids involved in these costume creations so you can all have fun together. By creating an early tradition of self-made costumes, you can eliminate the annual begging for a pricey store-bought costume and create more fun and festive family memories!

Anna is the creator of the personal finance method Spending Fast® and the frugal living blog And Then We Saved. When not being a cheapskate, she photographs weddings and other amazing things with her husband, Aaron. Her work has appeared in Self Magazine, Psychology Today, Good Housekeeping, The Nate Berkus Show, CNN Money, The Chicago Tribune and Yahoo Finance.

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