5 Essentials for Being Black Friday Ready

5 Essentials for Being Black Friday Ready

Make Black Friday less of a chore with our 5 simple hacks for ruling the day of deals.

We roll our eyes at the idea of Black Friday, but then we can’t help checking out what deals are out there. We make a half-joke about waking up at 4 in the morning with family and friends to gauge their reaction. It’s an adventure, right?

No judgment here. We’ve got ideas to keep in mind for tackling the Black Friday “holiday” – whether you’re getting up early or skipping it altogether.

If You Can’t Be Bothered …
Even if you’re opposed to the early mornings and crowds of people, you can still take advantage of the discounts. You should be able to find online deals that are comparable to the ones found on-site, and you don't have to get up early and weather the crowds. You may spend a bit on shipping, but you’ll be able to stay in your PJs all day.

Ideally, you can find an item you were going to buy anyway – something you were getting someone for the holidays, or that you just needed for yourself – for a little cheaper.

If You Want to Just Check it Out …
By late morning or early afternoon, most of the crowds have died down – but so has most of the merchandise. That shouldn’t bother you too much: Many of those “discounted” products are poor quality or limited supply. But many of the sales will still be going on all day, so you can pick up movies, candy, decorations or other fun items.


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Do some research in advance to see which locations have which discounts, and for how long. Check newspapers, social media accounts and websites beforehand so you can take a deliberate approach to your version of Black Friday.

If You’re All in …
Make it about the experience and the time with family or friends, not about the stuff. Wake up early (or stay up late), grab some coffee and camp out. Sometimes 4 a.m. is the only uninterrupted time you can spend with a parent or a sibling or a friend.

Tip: Try using Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant to give you the confidence to shop all day. Apply it at bedtime the night before. It will work while you sleep to reduce excess perspiration and continue to protect you throughout your day even if you bathe or shower the next morning.

Set a budget (bringing only the cash you need and leaving the credit cards at home is a good way to do that) and enjoy the ride. Don’t push. Don’t elbow. Don’t get yourself on the local news. But do get yourself a nice story to tell for when you get back home with that new printer!

Do you have any Black Friday tricks you can share? Tell the community in the comments section below!

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