5 Fun Family Activities for Summer

5 Fun Family Activities for Summer

Make this a summer to remember with these 5 unique activities the whole family will love.

By: Paige B.

1. Road Trip
Nothing against the picnics, bonfires and baseball games (we're all for 'em!), but summer is a great time to try something adventurous. Kick off your summer vacation by planning a family road trip that follows the same route taken in your favorite movie or book.

2. Clay Day
Roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little (OK, a lot) dirty by taking a family ceramic class. The challenge of mastering the pottery wheel will be memorable in itself. And who knows, you may even get some pretty jars and vases out of it for the house.

3. Hiking Roulette
Make a list of all of the local hiking trails in your area and randomly select one each weekend to tackle. Have each family member trade off picking a trail each week or put all of the options on pieces of paper and draw from a hat.


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4. Pizza Night
Since you can order a pizza any time during a hectic school night, summer is the perfect opportunity to test out making it from scratch. Either make individual-sized pizzas so that each family member can top with the fixings of their choice, or apply a group effort to a full-size pie. Serve alongside your homemade lemonade.

5. Outdoor Movie
Skip the movies in favor of lying under the stars during a backyard family movie night. You can easily rent a projector and screen (or make your own screen using bed sheets or a white shower curtain). Pop some popcorn and invite other families in the neighborhood to join in the fun.

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