5 Ideas for a Community Barter System

5 Ideas for a Community Barter System

Save money and time by swapping goods and services within your community!

In a time when purse strings are tight, there are plenty of good reasons to resurrect the barter system: It saves money, brings a community together and it shows just how much a group of dedicated people can do!

You can start your own member site online or keep it simple and give a shout out on social media to see if someone’s got the skills or wares you need. Babysitting services and gently worn hand-me downs are obvious candidates for your barter exchange — here are a few more great ideas.

Garden Goods
The local farm stand is a nice place to shop but can be pretty pricey. If you’ve got the time and space, consider growing your own produce in your backyard. Lettuces, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, peppers, spinach and kale can all thrive in the right soil. Since you’ll likely have a surplus, set up an exchange for fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers with green-thumbed neighbors. Then watch your garden — and the cash in your pocket — grow and grow.

Electronic Upgrades
You never know what might be collecting dust in your basement. Perhaps you’ve got an old TV a friend could give to her elderly parent. Need a basic computer for your kids? Hit up your barter exchange club to see if anyone has what you’re looking for — and remember, simple software upgrades can easily be downloaded to speed up a slow machine.


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Stress Busters
Can’t afford or don’t like the gym? Barter services! There’s likely a yogi or Pilates instructor in your midst who would be open to teaching a private class in exchange for a simple service. Perhaps you can you offer up dog walks, home-baked bread or sewing skills for helping you decompress.

Home Improvements
If decorating is not your forte but you’re a whiz at grouting tiles, check in with your barter buddies before you call a professional. Yard work can always use extra hands, so see if neighborhood kids might be willing to do some raking or weeding in exchange for a video game or a big batch of your famous chocolate chip cookies. Is your sister great at upholstering furniture? Offer to cart her groceries home for a month in exchange for revamping your dining room chairs.

How much time do you spend on the road shuttling from home to school to the mall and back? Cut back on driving and barter services by rotating chauffeuring duties and save on gas and time. Or split up your driving chores — skip a run to the supermarket and have a friend do double the shopping while you cart all the kids to and from the soccer field.

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