5 Kid-friendly Outdoor Fall Activities

5 Kid-friendly Outdoor Fall Activities

Get out with the family and enjoy autumn’s natural beauty with these activities.

By: Arisa Kim

1. Unplug and Go Outdoors
Sometimes it's hard to get your kids to tear themselves away from their electronic gadgets long enough to go outside and enjoy a beautiful day. Help them unplug from the TV set by showing them there are entertaining things to do in the real world as well.

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2. Nature Sit
Start your day by using your senses to connect to the outdoors. Jennifer Basham, director of Adventure Wild Day Camp in Gresham, Oregon, suggests a “Nature Sit”: Have your child pick a spot he or she likes (perhaps under a tree). You can do this at a park, forest or even your backyard. Sit with her and take a minute or two to just look around. Then close your eyes and take a minute to listen and then another to smell. Then talk about what you observed.

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3. Cook Over a Fire
Tom Weiss-Lehman, summer program director at Northshore YMCA in Seattle, says there's something special about seeing food cook over an open fire.

Go beyond the usual hot dogs and s’mores. Weiss-Lehman suggests baking biscuits in aluminum foil. Experiment to find the right cooking time — an opportunity to hone your child’s problem-solving skills.


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4. Eggshell Planting
Don't throw out the egg shells from your breakfast omelet — rinse them out and have your children fill them with soil and then plant a vegetable or flower seed inside.

Your child can keep the planted eggshell on her windowsill until it's ready to re-plant outside.

“It's a great way to create a little bit of nature inside your house,” says Basham. The best part: When the plant is ready to go outdoors, just plant the whole thing, shell and all, into the ground. Just crack the shell first to facilitate root growth.

5. Arts and Crafts With a Twist
Art supplies abound in nature. Collecting leaves to make leaf rubbings is a simple way to create beautiful pictures, Basham says. Place a leaf under a piece of paper and rub over it with a crayon.

Regular arts and craft projects take on a new dimension when you get the materials yourself from nature.

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