5 Spring Break Staycation Crafts

5 Spring Break Staycation Crafts

Keep the little ones busy this spring break with our 5 creative craft ideas.

By: Amanda Kingloff

1. Cardboard Castle
The best craft not only requires creativity, but also produces something with high play value. Gather boxes, cardboard scraps and paper towel tubes to make a fantastic fortress with your kids. Start with a medium-size box as the base, and cut a rounded door in the front. Glue strings to the inside of the doorway and the bottom of the door to create the portal. Use paper towel tubes to create towers on the top. Create traditional castle edges by cutting rectangles from the tops of the towers. Fold 2-inch pieces of colored tape around a thin string, then cut the tape into small pennants. String the garland from tower to tower, and glue to secure. Fold a 2-inch piece of tape around the end of a chopstick or skewer and cut into a flag shape. Tape a stick inside each tube tower. Use colored tape to decorate the castle. Go as far as you want, adding architectural details like windows, cornices and columns.

2. Easy Terrarium
The calendar might say it's spring, but you may not have even packed away your scarves and mittens yet. Bring a little outdoors in with the simplest terrarium project ever—even undeveloped green thumbs will be able to tackle it. Upcycle a plastic snake container, drink bottle or jar and fill it about 1/4 of the way with potting soil. Top it with stones, sticks and moss, and add a little personality with plastic figurines. Water it when the moss and soil feel dry.

3. Craft Stick Stickies
The best games and puzzles are those with no rules. Stick self-adhesive dots to the ends of colored craft sticks—on one end, place the rough side of the dots, and on the other end, adhere the soft. The activities are endles: Teach your kids geometry by challenging them to make squares, triangles or hexagons with the sticks; show them how they can turn sticks into the alphabet; or, for the younger set, just have them match colors. Kids will love this activity on their own or with friends.

4. Bleach Out
Kids love to wear their crafts. Spend a morning saving stained T-shirts, shorts and pants with the magic of a bleach pen. Put cardboard in between the layers of your article of clothing and apply your design. Let the bleach sit until it dries, and then rinse it off in cold water. Wash and dry the clothing before wearing.


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5. Photographic Memory
We take more photographs now than ever, and yet they seem to live eternally (and only) on our electronic devices. Use photos of family and friends and turn them into the classic memory game. Print out two 2.5-inch square pictures of friends, cousins, siblings, or neighbors and mount them onto 3-inch pieces of colorful card stock with a glue stick. You'll get a kick out of hearing your kids yell, "I found Grandma!" from the playroom.

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