5 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Daughter

5 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Daughter

Check out these ideas to share experiences away from day to day family life.

Making time to connect with your daughter might seem like attempting to add extra hours into the day, but if you both coordinate schedules, you just might be able to find time. Whether she’s still your little girl or your young woman now, you both can benefit from a little “girl time” every now and then! Check out these tips:

1. Have a Room Makeover
Younger girls enjoy sharing time with you in your world, so get your daughter to help you sort your wardrobe and choose what needs to be packed away or rotated on your hangers. Tidying your jewelry or makeup bag can be a welcome help, too!

There are tons of little things that can be done over a weekend, and it doesn’t have to be a TV-show style redo, either. Little accents that can be done inexpensively can transform your entire room.

Or if your daughter’s starting to grow out of her bedroom, you can have a true bonding experience in creating a new personal space for her with new accents and décor. You’ll learn more about her personality all the while helping her truly create something of her own.

2. Get Crafty
Before you begin, make sure you choose a project at a difficulty level suitable for her age. Start with a specific focus — to make a gift for a relative or create something decorative for a bedroom, for example. Older girls might enjoy the challenge of making boutique-level jewelry with you.

3. Join a Club
Whether it’s art, tennis or something completely different, choosing an activity where the


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focus isn’t all on mom and daughter will give you a whole new experience to talk about. And if it’s some sort of sport or physical activity, you can burn some calories while you’re bonding at the same time. Try scheduling a weekend morning jog or walk so you can catch up on each other’s lives.

4. Get Away Together
On a day out or even an overnight visit to family, make it a girls-only adventure for a change. Hit the museum, go into town and be a tourist in your own city, get brunch or play mini-golf. The possibilities are endless. And while the term “mother-daughter activities” may seem somewhat intimidating, they’re really not: In the end, it’s just something both of you enjoy doing together.

If you can’t come up with anything yourself, ask your daughter what she would like to do — you may be surprised at the answer!

5. Girls’ Movie Night
Banish the boys and let your daughter pick the night’s entertainment. Whether it’s at home on the couch or in a darkened movie theater, seeing a film together naturally creates something to talk about. Even if the movie is bad, you’ll at least be able to laugh about it together!

No matter what you do, just remember: Getting to spend time with your daughter — no matter what you do — is valuable for the both of you. Although you may be busy and might not seem like much, a half hour here and there may be all it takes to bond with your daughter.

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