6 Shared Activities That Help Kids & Parents Bond

6 Shared Activities That Help Kids & Parents Bond

They’re not just ways to pass the time together – they promote a deeper connection, too.

By Lorraine Allen

As kids grow and their personalities develop, their attitudes, ideas, and ideals change – and it can be hard for some kids and parents to maintain a strong connection as the years pass. Starting a tradition of doing a special activity together can help bridge that gap as they get older. Here are some wonderful shared activities that you can adapt to your child’s changing interests and abilities as he or she grows up.

1. Explore new places together: Whether it’s a new hiking trail, a small town nearby, a museum, or a whole new continent, making discoveries and experiencing new things together for the first time, as family, forms great, lasting memories you can all hang onto forever.

2. Solve puzzles: Keep a large jigsaw puzzle in progress on a table in your home, and kids will gravitate toward it when they are bored, frustrated, or yearning for some time to connect with you. While you work together to fit pieces together, you can talk about anything on your minds, or just about problem solving in general. This is a great way to pass time together in a playful and constructive way.

3. Make something together: It could be baking for a bake sale, painting a mural on a bathroom wall, building a doll house, designing a costume, or sewing a super hero cape—whatever you do, if you engage your kids and work on it together, from planning stages through execution, you’ll teach them some useful skills while enjoying some quality time together they’ll always cherish.

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4. Plan and eat meals together: Involving kids in things like family meal planning and preparation, as well as sitting down regularly as a family to eat, are great ways to teach them important life and self-care skills, while spending memorable moments with them.


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5. Pursue a new hobby or interest together: Whether it’s photography, scrapbooking, rock climbing, sledding, learning Italian, playing piano duets, or tap dancing, learning something new together is a lot of fun, and forms close, lasting bonds.

6. Work towards a shared goal: Maybe you want to save up for tickets to an exciting new show or sports game. Or maybe you want to spend more time outdoors, or traveling. Whatever it is, form a plan together, with a timeline for achieving a shared goal in mind, and work towards making it happen as a team.

How do you bond with your kids?

Lorraine is a freelance parenting and food writer, and she shares her cooking adventures and family recipes at MixPlayEat.com.

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