6 Steps to a Mini-Makeover for Dad

6 Steps to a Mini-Makeover for Dad

Check out these 6 easy steps for a mini-makeover that Dad will surely love.

When’s the last time your husband revamped his look? Whether it’s a new collection of men’s skin-care products or a hot shave by a professional barber, even the smallest change can impact his overall look. Here are six simple ideas for a mini-makeover perfect for Dad.


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1. Take him for a haircut.
While he probably doesn’t want to spend much time or thought on his hair, his hairstyle contributes greatly to his overall look — for better or worse. Your man needs a haircut that’s easy to maintain and matches his personality. Consider taking him to a professional hairstylist who will assess his features and hair type to suggest a winning look. Styling products such as hair pomades or gels may also be used to complete his new style (strictly masculine in packaging and scent, of course!).

2. Provide him with a men’s grooming kit.
Tidy, trimmed sideburns, facial hair and fingernails go a long way toward creating a polished, professional image. Even if he’s a more laid-back kind of guy, every man needs a men’s grooming kit. For a masculine, upscale look, consider a black or brown leather-bound grooming kit. It should include (at minimum) a hair comb, mustache comb, small scissors, nail clippers and nail file. If possible, choose a kit that also includes a battery-operated personal groomer with attachments for a neckline/sideburn trimmer and nose and ear trimmer. If he isn’t already accustomed to such personal grooming, make sure to compliment him whenever he uses the kit to help him warm up to the idea.

3. Treat him to a professional massage.
Does your man complain of body aches and pains? Consider getting him a professional massage! An increasing number of research studies show massage lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate, relaxes muscles, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, improves range of motion and increases endorphins. When your man feels happy, pleasant and relaxed, you’ll be surprised what it does for his looks!

4. Spoil him with a luxurious hot shave by a professional barber.
A professional hot shave by a barber is the closest thing your man can get to a masculine beauty treatment. It can last half an hour to one hour and is so enjoyable and relaxing that some men even fall asleep! First he’s swathed in a gown and a soft towel is placed around his neck to protect his clothing. The barber assesses his skin type and whether there are likely to be any problems or irritations. His face is then gently massaged. The barber may apply pre-shave oil, then add the shaving soap with a badger-hair brush. The beard is then shaved with a straightedge razor. The steps are repeated using more steaming towels, ending with a cooler towel and the application of a shaving balm. Many shaves also include powder on the neck and a splash of aftershave. He leaves refreshed, rejuvenated and looking younger — ooh la la! You can even try these steps at home. Excite his senses with Gillette® Fusion™ HydraGel Clean and Fresh. Its aloe and citrus extracts provide a clean, fresh scent.

5. Remake his collection of men’s skin-care products.
These days, it’s easy for a man to adjust his daily routine to add a few image-enhancing products. Check your man’s bathroom cabinet to assess what skin-care products — if any — he currently uses. Then consider adding to his collection a moisturizing aftershave balm to soothe and cool his skin, such as Gillette Fusion ProSeries™ Intense Cooling Aftershave Lotion. Also make sure he has a face cleanser, body wash, body moisturizer and cologne.

6. Introduce him to teeth whitening.
A bright, white smile will work wonders for your man’s overall image. Not only will he look better with a killer smile, but he’s likely to feel more self-confident, too. For economical and effective whitening, give him a teeth-whitening product that he can wear at home while he reads the newspaper, mows the lawn or works on the car. When he sees the difference a little whitening makes, he’ll be flashing that charming smile more and more!

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