6 Traditions Beyond the Holidays

6 Traditions Beyond the Holidays

Extend the holiday spirit with these six fun ideas that can turn into post-holiday traditions.

By: Grace Mitchell

The lights, the sparkle, the thrill of giving the perfect gift, holiday music, the hugs and snuggles, the smells — this time of year is so special. The holidays give us wonderful family time, but then it’s over — back to reality.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. With some creativity, you can ride the holiday spirit wave all the way through the winter months and into spring. Try some of these out.

1. Family Movie Night
Gather the family together, get your coziest blankets, pop your favorite popcorn, set out your preferred movie-watching treats and enjoy a film together. Designate a specific date for this activity so you can ensure this becomes a tradition.

2. Time Capsule
With the beginning of the year around the corner, it’s a great time to create a yearly time capsule. A small box or cardboard tube can work perfectly. Write the year on the outside and have the kids decorate it. Placing photographs from the year’s events, coming up with a list of favorite moments and having each family member write a list of goals for the upcoming year are just a few ideas of things you can include in your family’s time capsule. Eventually, you will have enough time capsules that you can open an older one each New Year’s Day and have a whole new tradition!

3. Sledding Trip
Make this winter tradition more fun by seeing who can come up with the most unique item to use as a sled. Have a race or a time trial and enjoy the snow together.


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4. Ice Skating
Create a list of all the local ice-skating rinks and make a pledge to visit one new area each week. Ask your kids which one they liked the best and why.

Making “best of” lists like this is always a terrific way to start family conversations and a good way to explore your area in order to discover new favorite destinations.

5. Hot Chocolate Bar
Hot chocolate made on the stove is the best hot chocolate you could ever make. It’s a simple enough process and, though you do need to supervise, even the smallest of children can help you stir.

Set up your table with all kinds of yummy treats to mix in and top your hot chocolate: whipped cream, caramel syrup, marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, seedless raspberry or strawberry jam, chocolate mint candies, candy canes and vanilla ice cream work well. Play with flavors and see who can come up with the tastiest concoction!

6. Supper in the Snow
Put together an outdoor table by placing a few boards on the snow. Make a hearty stew and some warm cider, bundle everyone up and eat supper in the snow! You can even build a fire to help keep everyone warm and roast marshmallows for dessert!

Establishing traditions for your family can extend the excitement of the holiday season in ways you may have never thought before. Follow through, stick with your family favorites and you will be creating memories to last a lifetime!

Grace features her interior decorating work, her design inspiration and ideas, intuitive DIY, and her own 1921 home renovation on her popular blog, A Storied Style. She is a happy wife and a mother to four children ages 5 years and under.

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