8 Ideas for Fun in the Snow

8 Ideas for Fun in the Snow

Don’t stay cooped up in the house all season — warm up with these fun games!

By: Amanda Klingoff

1. Target Practice
Use sidewalk chalk to draw a target on an outside wall. Fill a bucket with snowballs and toss to score. Just like an archery target, draw the concentric circles in different colors to denote various point values. Play until the snow erases the target!

2. Frozen Treat
What's the phrase? When life gives you snow, make ice cream? The thought of chowing down on this icy treat on a winter day might seem a little cuckoo, but your kids will be amazed that they can actually make their own ice cream from snow.

1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
5 to 7 cups clean, fresh and fluffy snow


  1. Mix milk, sugar and vanilla together until sugar dissolves
  2. Slowly add snow, stirring constantly, until desired thickness is reached
  3. Let the kids top it off with their favorite treats like sprinkles, gummy bears or even hot fudge!

3. A-maze-ing Race
Suit up in your heaviest of snow boots and carve a winding path for your kids to follow. It's best to do this in a large patch of un-trampled snow (think a football field!). Let the kids go one at a time, and don't forget to make some dead-ends in the maze. Award them with a cup of hot cocoa when they make it to the end.

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4. Freeze Tag
This game will warm you up on the coldest of snow days. And seriously, the pun-intended name is reason enough to play!


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5. Hat Head
Build a snowman that's a little shorter than your kids. Decorate him with stick arms, a carrot nose and all the other usual trappings — except his hat. Stand the kids about 6 to 8 feet from the snowman, and then challenge them to toss a flying disc onto his head to make a hat.

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6. Tic Tac Snow
First, find your playing pieces. Send the kids on a bit of a scavenger hunt to each find five similar items. They can use sticks, pinecones, rocks or any other natural material that you can find in your yard. Draw the board into the snow (as big as you'd like!) and play away! Once the board gets too trampled, just move to another spot.

7. Ice Marbles
Carefully pour colored beverage powder into a balloon and then fill it up with water. Knot the balloon and put it outside at least overnight. (Freezing time depends on how cold it is.) Dig a little ditch for each balloon and pack some snow around it to help it keep its shape.

Once the water inside is frozen, peel off the balloon (use scissors or a knife to slice through the latex) and place your new little marbles around the yard.

8. Cold Molds
Loan the kids your Bundt cake pans, cupcake tins, cookie cutters and any other fun shaped molds from your kitchen. Use them to pack the snow in and turn over to make cool snow castles.

Once their kingdoms are created, let your kids bring out their plastic toy figurines to create magical places for them to live and play.

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