8 Signs He Will be a Great Dad or Life Partner

8 Signs He Will be a Great Dad or Life Partner

Learn 8 great ways you can know whether he’ll be worth keeping around.

By Monique John

Whether we like it or not, there are always red flags right in our face to tell us when our relationships are not working. The good news is, there are also plenty of signs to look for that say your man is a keeper, particularly if you’re trying to start a family.

Here are a couple of things to take note of if you think he’s your future child’s dad-to-be:

1. He Notices the Little Things
A man preparing to be a dad must be prepared to stay on top of details. Once a baby comes, there will be countless things to remember to raise your child in a healthy routine, in addition to keeping track of doctor’s appointments, allergies, medications, play dates, food preparation, etc. If your man already has a knack for remembering tiny details — like your mom’s favorite restaurant or the date for that high school reunion you’ve been looking forward to — he’s already on the right track.

2. He’s Playful
It’s a no brainer that kids like to play. If your guy has a goofy side and isn’t too shy or uptight to let it out, chances are that he’ll do a fabulous job of keeping you and your kids engaged.

3. He Takes Care of You When You’re Sick
Any good dad has to be someone that’s selfless enough to look after others when they’re under the weather. The last time you were sick, was your man thoughtful enough to swing through with chicken soup and a deck of cards? If he did, hold on tight.


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4. He’s Patient
Being a parent is the ultimate test of one’s ability to stay in control of their feelings and frustrations. When something doesn’t go his way or something is taking longer than it should, how does he handle himself? If he’s graceful and takes his time to compromise or find a solution, then he’ll easily be able to transfer those skills to dealing with a small child.

5. He’s a Great Cook
It’s 2015. That means if you can’t cook something up for the kids on any given night, your man should be willing to pitch in and work his way around the stove to make something happen. If he’s eager and talented when it comes to preparing a meal for the people he loves, you’ll be jumping for joy long after the baby comes and grows into a hungry toddler.

6. He’s not Afraid to be the Bad Cop
Any great parent has to be prepared to put their foot down. This applies equally for moms and dads, but when you need reinforcement after the kids misbehave, having a father that will have your back is extremely important.

7. He’s Fiscally Responsible
Don’t kid yourself — a man that’s kind and supportive is central to being a parent and life partner. But above all else, you want to make sure he is responsible with his finances. Does your man watch where his money goes? Does he stick to his savings goals and spend his money responsibly? If he does, he’ll probably be a great a team member when it comes to buying a home or building your child’s savings account together.

8. He Has a Dog
This sounds silly, but hear us out. Taking care of a dog is a lot like taking care of a child. You have to feed them, make sure they get proper exercise, take them to the vet and snuggle with them when it’s stormy outside. If your man has a dog and treats his pet exceptionally well, he’ll have some understanding of all the care and attention that goes into raising a child, too!

Think there are any ones that we missed? Share your opinions on other good signs and qualities in a romantic partner below.

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