8 Tips for Helping Him Look and Feel His Best

8 Tips for Helping Him Look and Feel His Best

Try our quick guide to get him looking and feeling his best in no time.

From skincare to hair care to fragrances, the men’s grooming business is booming. Try our quick guide to help him tackle the shelves, get back on the field and be ready to take on whatever the game of life throws his way.

Tip No. 1: Facial scrubs aren’t just for women.
Facial scrubs reinvigorate his skin by cleaning out pores and exfoliating dead skin that can leave his face looking dull and dry.

Tip No. 2: Hydrating can reduce the force needed to cut his beard hair by 70 percent.
A hot shower is best, but if he’s short on time, he should try hydrating his face and neck in warm water at the sink for up to three minutes before shaving.

Tip No. 3: Follow up a shave with a toner.
Certain aftershaves — the ones he should be using — help tighten pores, rehydrate his face and smooth his skin.

Tip No. 4: Clean-shaven guys should look for a non-drying shave gel.
As opposed to the classic shaving cream, try getting him to get a shave gel that locks in moisture, and gives him a smoother razor glide. Guys with sensitive skin might want to let the shave gel soak in for as long as possible before shaving. 


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Tip No. 5: Multi-blade razors are his best bet for getting a comfortable, clean shave.
In theory, the more blades a razor has, the closer and smoother the shave will be. If he’s been using the same type of razor for as long as you’ve known him, it might be time to upgrade — his face will be thankful.

Tip No. 6: Body washes are a great way to tackle dirt, grit and sweat.
Move over, bar soap. Now more than ever, guys are reaching for body washes. If he’s a guy that’s in and out of the shower in five minutes flat, choosing a double-duty body wash that cleans both his hair and the rest of him, saves time, and usually moisturizes as it does.

Tip No. 7: He can find help for thinning hair. 
Excess buildup on his scalp can make his hair look thinner. Finding a shampoo that removes that buildup can actually make his hair look thicker frees up his hair to move around flake-free.

Tip No. 8: Manicures aren’t just for women, either. 
Whether he’s shaking hands in the boardroom or hands-on on the job, regular nail trimming and buffing is important for his overall healthy look.

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