9 Fun Spring Scavenger Hunt Ideas for the Whole Family

9 Fun Spring Scavenger Hunt Ideas for the Whole Family

There is so much to explore and discover outside with your kids in the spring!

By Lorraine Allen

Spring is such an amazing time of year. Not only can kids finally get back outside, unleash all that pent-up energy, and enjoy some fresh air without freezing -- at last! – but they can also learn so much about nature, science, and the world around them by taking time to discover and explore the many incredible changes that happen all around, every day. A family scavenger hunt is a perfect way to get kids really excited about being back outside once again. Here, nine things your little ones can explore and discover this spring.

1. Find bird nests: Encourage your kids not to just look down and run and climb and play, but also to take some time to look UP when spring begins. The transformations overhead are not just beautiful and amazing. The new leaves and buds that will pop up soon each day will quickly obscure each branch and bird nest, too. So, while nesting season is just starting, have your kids look out for these delicate bird homes, and observe how they are made, too – with twigs, string, leaves, grass, and dirt – and how they are somehow positioned so perfectly so that they don’t fall, and can safely hold the bird, her eggs, and all the babies when they hatch.

2. Look for things that creep and crawl: Once worms and bugs reappear, what could be more fun than poking around the dirt and mud with a stick and uncovering some of these tiny critters that are so important to our environment?

3. Hunt for the first crocus, daffodils, and tulips: As the ice melts, small green growths will finally pop back up from the cold earth again, and your children may be excited to find the first crocus or daffodil patch after a long, cold, icy winter.

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4. Find birds by colors of their feathers: Have your young explorers look out for different-colored feathers on their winged friends -- like blue jays, cardinals, robins, ducks, swans, and sparrows -- and listen and learn the very different, beautiful songs they each sing. A woodpecker, which is harder to find and has a uniquely shaped head, is always an extra exciting discovery.

5. Find creatures that swim, hop, and even transform: Ponds are full of exciting natural discoveries if you sit quietly and watch and listen with your kids for a few moments. Think fish, tadpoles, frogs, turtles, and butterflies!

6. Track interesting animal prints in the mud: From paw prints large and small to bird prints, webbed or not, the mud and wet spring earth is a perfect way to explore and investigate how animals get around and where they go. Can your kids figure out which way that squirrel ran?


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7. Find puddles of various shapes and sizes: All that rain this season doesn’t have to keep you inside. Take advantage of a rainy day by getting out with your kids to look for different kinds of puddles: oval, jelly bean, shaped like your home state, or whatever else strikes your imagination.

8. Identify sticks or twigs: Like with puddles, you can use your imagination to find sticks that look like letters (T or Y or L or Z or X), or maybe the first letter of someone’s name.

9. Look for patterns in nature: Try to spot stripes made by clouds in the sky, or bumps on tree bark of a certain size or texture. This encourages your kids to look even closer to nature, and observe even more, when you’re all out exploring the wonders of spring.

What natural wonder do you and your kids most look forward to seeing in the spring?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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