9 Moms Reveal the Mom Role Models They Look Up to Most

9 Moms Reveal the Mom Role Models They Look Up to Most

Moms sing the praises of the amazing, admirable moms they look up to.

By: Maressa Brown

If it “takes a village to raise a child,” part of that is looking to our moms, grandmas, colleagues, and friends for guidance and inspiration. And it doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to reflect on how much we admire what moms do and vow to emulate them in some way. Here is what nine moms have to say about their greatest mom role models.

1. “My daughter’s good friend’s mom is also my friend -- and an incredible mother. Her kids listen to her, and she doesn’t take any flak. But she is also really warm and loving. She has four kids and still has incredible control over them and their lives. She does it all without help. She always knows what to do in every ‘mom quandary’ and advises me a lot.”

2. “I always thought a combo of both my grandmas made the best mom. My one gram was a working mom who loved to travel and made sure her kids saw everything. My other gram was your classic stay-at-home mom, dinner on the table every night. I hope I'm a combo of them both.”

3. “My co-worker is an incredibly loving, devoted mom, but she also has a thriving career. I also admire her and aspire to be like her because she’ll be the first to say she doesn’t think she has the ‘mom gene’ -- in other words, born wanting to be a mom above anything else -- yet she IS a really great, loving, nurturing -- albeit independent-spirited --mother.”


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4. “I look up to people who excel in areas I know I don’t. Like my sister-in-law is a great disciplinarian, and I wish I were like her in that area because I know I can be a little lax sometimes.”

5. “My good friend became a mom at 24, never had a career, lives in the same town she grew up in, but she was totally born to be a mom. Really patient, loving, always prepared. All the things I am not. Even though we are really different, I think her kids are super-lucky to have her as a mom, and I try to emulate some of her behavior or imagine what she would do when it comes to moments with my kids. She is really patient and calm, which I am not!”

6. “My own mom and myself. I am my own person and do things the way I want.”

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