A Free Summer Vacation To-Do List

A Free Summer Vacation To-Do List

School will soon be out, so how do you make the long break fun for the family?

By: Mique Provost

Those long days of summer are just around the corner. The kids leave their desks and textbooks behind sometime soon, depending on the school. What doesn't vary, though, is that need to create some kind of structure over the break. Yes, it's great to sleep in every day, but what happens when the novelty wears off and the restlessness starts?

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Every summer in our family we try to set out for new adventures. A few weeks before school is out, we sit down with our 12-, 10- and 6-year-old, and discuss what we’d like to do during their vacation. It's a balancing act between our still busy schedules (someone's got to run the house and pay the bills) and their complete lack of schedule. But we make it work.

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Each morning, I squeeze in a couple of hours of blogging and planning for my craft show while the kids play around the house, read or watch a little television. But then the rest of the day is focused on discovering and doing things that normally strict schedules prevent. There’s talk about going to the pool, visiting family and learning new things.

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For this year’s break, I created a checklist of ideas. As we complete each activity, we can mark them off. Our summer “to-dos” will keep boredom away, give us things to look forward to and create lots of memories in the process.

Download the “Summer To-Do List” and enjoy!

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Its quite a challenge managing your kids during the long summer holidays as they tend to escape outside on the slightest pretext which I obviously do not want them to. Your article would prove to be very helpful for many parents like me. Thanks for sharing the sharing the ideas.

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