Making the Most of Your Staycation

Making the Most of Your Staycation

You don’t have to go far to enjoy your family and what’s right in front of you.

We’re always looking for ways to travel, explore or get some quality time away with our families. They’re the once- or twice-yearly highlight that we look forward to all year long.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time or money for a true vacation. Or maybe we’re yearning for more than just the biannual recharge.

Luckily, the idea of getting away, combined with some new and fresh experiences, can be as energizing and rejuvenating as an actual getaway. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can skip the long lines at the airport or tedious hours in the car and take a well-deserved vacation without ever leaving town!

Explore Your City
When you’re planning a staycation, you’ll need to be able to see your hometown in a way you never have before. Go out of your way to find activities and attractions you’ve never experienced or wouldn’t normally think to take part in.

Approaching your city as a visitor can be a great starting point for you and your family.

Try a spot you don’t normally go – like the zoo, the aquarium, or a nearby theme park or water park. Find a new restaurant to visit for dinner (perhaps an outdoor seafood dinner, like your favorite spot near the beach) and check out a local theater for a play or a musical.

When all else fails, there’s always an outside walkabout. Stroll through a part of town you don’t usually visit, or find a nearby national park for a hike. As a bonus, spending some time walking outside often costs next-to-nothing!

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Sleep Away from Home
Check into a hotel for a night. Visit some friends across town. Find a nice bed and breakfast. Wherever you decide to stay, getting out of the house for a night can make your staycation feel special without breaking the bank.


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Tip: If you can’t sleep away, bring your favorite vacation scent right into your home and bedrooms. Dreaming of the beach? Spray Febreze Air Effects Hawaiian Aloha and sleep a little closer to the island of your dreams.

Leave the Car in the Garage
It might be tempting to pile in the car and head out to start your local vacation – and if you’re a road trip family, then by all means, do so! But mixing up your modes of travel can make you feel like a visitor in a strange land, which adds to the feeling of a true vacation. Try taking public transportation, utilizing bike shares or traveling by taxi.

If the weather’s right, splurge for a carriage ride, streetcar, ferry or whatever type of open-air transportation your city might have to offer!

Make a (Loose!) Plan
The goal of a good staycation is to avoid the daily grind of errands, chores and hanging out at home. Throw together an itinerary, just like you would for an out-of-town vacation. As long as there’s enough wiggle room for spontaneity, a loose schedule can keep you from slipping back into everyday habits during your close-to-home vacation.

Create the Memories
Take lots of photos (and print them). While digital images remind us of our favorite times, a tangible photo album is another way to curate your experience. Let the family pitch in, and with a little creativity and imagination it may look every bit as adventurous as an actual vacation!

Tip: Try putting together a Visitor’s Guide of sorts for any out-of-town family or friends who may visit.

How does your family enjoy a staycation?

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