Avoid Cabin Fever With This Essential Supply Checklist

Avoid Cabin Fever With This Essential Supply Checklist

Cooped up inside with the kids? Have these essentials on hand to ward off boredom.

By Amanda Genge

Do you dread those bad-weather (too rainy, too snowy, too hot, too cold), stuck-at-home days when your kids declare how bored they are as soon as breakfast has been eaten? If you have a properly stocked Anti-Cabin-Fever Supply Kit, though, you can keep them distracted and amused all day long!

Scour the house for these items, and then make a trip to the store to buy anything you don’t have on hand. Keep the non-food items in a large, specially labeled plastic bin that is only opened on “stuck at home” days.

  1. A new, still-in-the-plastic board game
  2. A deck of cards
  3. A jump rope or two
  4. Kids’ flashlights (with batteries!)
  5. Coloring books and activity books (word finds, puzzles, mazes, etc.)
  6. Craft supplies (glue, crayons, plus special “stuck-at-home-all-day” items like glitter – if you dare – and pompoms, feathers, and wooden craft sticks)
  7. Boxed baking mixes: sugar cookies, brownies, or cake (plus canned frosting, food coloring, and assorted cookie cutters)

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  1. Popcorn kernels
  2. Hot cocoa mix and marshmallows (for cold weather)
  3. Ice pops in assorted flavors (for warm weather), or ice cream and toppings (whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, maraschino cherries)
  4. Frozen pizza dough, plus jarred sauce and bagged shredded cheese
  5. Small dry-erase boards with dry-erase markers in multiple colors (to draw, to play hangman, to use as script prompters when filming a movie starring your kids, etc.)
  6. A couple of new jigsaw puzzles (appropriate to your kids’ ability level)

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If you and/or your kids function better when you have a schedule to stick to, choose a few activities from the kit and write up an itinerary for the day on one of those dry-erase boards. Set a timer on your phone to let you know when it’s time to shift gears (unless everyone is so engrossed they don’t want to quit!).

How do you keep your kids busy on days when you’re cooped up indoors?

Amanda Genge is a writer, editor, and mom of two boys who likes to use inclement weather as an excuse to BAKE ALL THE THINGS.

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