Birthday Party Ideas: 80s Themed

Birthday Party Ideas: 80s Themed

Throw a like, totally awesome birthday party with our 80s theme ideas.

By: Grace Mitchell

These fun birthday party ideas will have you thinking you’ve stumbled out of a time machine and back into the 1980s! Whether you want to throw a party for those young or young at heart, the following elements will help pull a perfect 80s bash together.

A fun party always begins with a fun invitation. Choose an invitation that is tailored to your 80s theme — whether it’s decorated with a cassette tape, boombox or bright neon colors.

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Décor and Activities
Use the following list of ideas as inspiration for your 80s party décor and activities:

  • Go Neon: The 80s were all about bright, neon colors. Find streamers in vivid colors and string them around your party space. Join the streamers in the middle of the room and then fan out to the corners.

Tip: Choose napkins, plates and cups in a variety of neon colors – mix and match for a colorful punch. You really can’t go wrong!

  • Rent Vintage Arcade Games: Search locally for someone who rents out arcade games. Put one or two (or a few!) around your party space and watch the fun!
  • Rent A Photo Booth: Find someone that rents vintage photo booths that print photos on paper. You could even get a Polaroid camera and take pictures of your guests for them to take home! No matter which type of photo route you decide on, jazz up your guest’s experience by providing 80s-themed photo props. Think giant neon sunglasses, signs with 80s slang, boomboxes, etc.
  • Hang Records & Cassette Tapes: Use colorful string or twine to hang cassette tapes and old records from the ceiling.
  • 3D Cube Puzzles:Find some square shape boxes and paint cube patterns on them. Stack them for a vertical effect or place them individually around the room and on tables.

  • Tie Dye T-Shirts: Set up an area where people can make their own tie dye T-shirts. Make sure there are lots of different colors to choose from!

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Party Favors
Think about handing out 3D cube puzzles as guests leave, or a CD filled with your favorite 80s music.

Snacks and Refreshments

  • Search your local candy store for candy that brings back happy 80s memories.
  • Try making a cake that looks like a 3D cube puzzle, or is shaped like a cassette.
  • Have snacks displayed in big, bright bowls for an appealing aesthetic.
  • Rent a snow cone machine for some icy treats.
  • Find vintage-looking sodas that would make great drinks for your soiree.

Dress Code
Encourage party guests to dress up! Bad 80s prom dresses, teased hair, colorful socks and multi-colored hair ties are fun dress-up ideas for ladies.
Vintage letter jackets, acid-washed jeans (that are tight rolled of course), and wild hair would be perfect costume choices for men.

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The Music
Finally, set the tone of your party by having a 80s collection of music for people to listen to as they are chatting away and enjoying all of the fun activities you’ve planned. A grouping of classic favorites is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Tip: Have 80s movies showing for your guests to enjoy too!

Keeping it bright, light-hearted, colorful and fun, your 80s themed party will be a huge success using these ideas! Stay cool.

Grace Mitchell writes the Interior Design/DIY blog, A Storied Style. She loves old movies and musicals, and lives in Texas with her husband and four children.

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