Birthday Party Ideas: Safari Theme

Birthday Party Ideas: Safari Theme

Make your next party a roaring success by hosting a safari-themed birthday party.

By: Grace Mitchell

If you have a little wild animal in your life, plan a safari-themed birthday party for them!

Send animal masks in the mail with party details attached as your invitation. Use wording such as “We’re going WILD for Jennifer’s Birthday,” or “Join us for some safari fun, our little monkey is turning __!”

Print invitations on paper with animal-print patterns, and use fun fonts to tie in with your theme. All of this can be done easily on your computer. If you are mailing your invitations, put “The Jungle” in the sender box, along with your address.

Well before the party begins, create a playlist of jungle songs for the party to get everyone in the mood. (Some good examples: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Jungle Boogie.”)

  • Purchase a variety of animal piñatas and hang them in different rooms or in the backyard, if weather permits.
  • Hang green streamers from the top of your main entryway, so guests will have to move the “grass” aside as they enter your party “jungle.”
  • Make poster boards with different safari animals on them, cutting holes out where the animal’s faces would go, so guests can pop they’re own heads in and be photographed as their favorite creature.
  • Use cups, plates and napkins with different animal patterns on them.
  • Provide party hats with varying safari animals on them for kids to wear.

Tip: Looking for easy birthday party ideas? Use our ideas for throwing a science, rock star or Hollywood-themed birthday bash!

Serve a variety of animal-themed trail mixes for snacks.


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  • Make a monkey trail mix with dried banana chips, coconut, cashews and chocolate chips.
  • Use cheese puff snacks as “tiger tails,” and deviled eggs can be “ostrich eggs.”
  • Make zebra sandwiches by using a slice of rye bread and a slice of white bread, with peanut butter and jelly or meat in between. Cut the sandwiches into strips for easy-to-eat finger foods.
  • Bake cookies in a few different animal shapes, and have the partygoers decorate them with colored frosting, sprinkles and candies.
  • Monkey pops are a popular dessert for kids and easy to make. Simply place a wooden craft stick into a banana and roll the banana in chocolate with nuts or sprinkles. Freeze the monkey pops overnight and serve.

Create a safari adventure for your guests by gathering them in a group and going on “a hunt” for safari animals. Place stuffed animals or cardboard cutouts for kids to find in each room of your home or outdoors.

Tip: Give each child a pair of toy binoculars to aid them in finding the animals for some extra fun.

If you’re up for a little bit of noise, have an animal sound competition. Include animals in the sound competition with well-known sounds like lions (roaring) and monkeys (hoo-hoo-ha-ha), along with animals that may not have such easily distinguishable sounds, such as ostriches and zebras. This game is sure to give everyone a good laugh!

Tip: “Pin the tail on the animal” is a perfect game for a safari-themed party. Pick your favorite jungle animal and go wild!

Party Gifts
Send your guests home with bananas, a bag of monkey trail mix and other fun mementos from your special safari occasion. Using the ideas above, you’re sure to throw a fabulous, safari-themed party kids will love.

Grace Mitchell lives in Texas with her husband and four little wild animals. She writes the interior design/DIY blog, A Storied Style, where she focuses on her interior design work, home decor ideas, and the renovation of her own 1921 home.

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